Spring Cash Drive Part 2!


Chicago Staff
Thanks to everyone who donated to the coin drive, several people have expressed frustration with learning about the fundraiser after the fact. Thus I am reopening the fundraiser in a more limited fashion. This fundraiser will end at the Long Weekend. Pay cash at the longweekend or paypal to robertdautovski@yahoo.com

Both Donations also get 5:1 goblin stamps.

Tier 1
Anyone who donates $50 or more will get a Loot Crate (2500 goblin stamps worth of stuff!)

Tier 2
Anyone who donates $100 or more will get an LCO magic item with either 10 rituals for one year, 5 rituals for 2 years or 3 rituals for 5 years (Your Choice). All rituals must follow 2.0 rules and targets. We request you provide your own rep is the only downside here!

These funds will be added to the coin drive fund and any remaining will be being applied to a couple special projects for later in the season :p


Are the tiers cumulative? If I choose to go for the tier two, does it also include a loot box and 500 gobbies?