Starting a chapter in my area


Hello my name is chikitsune I was once in a larp community till our leader left and it fell apart. So I have recently found some people who share my passion for larping but I have no idea how to go about starting a new chapter. Can someone help me with my endeavor?


Yes those are some of the listed requirements. Contacting Jesse would be your best option if you are interested in meet the requirements. What you are looking for is specific and he would be the best to help you.
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You will need startup capital, a reliable group of people to help you and are willing to commit to the project (and be able to communicate very very well to organize those people and make them able to help you) ,the ability to advertise, a lot of free time to devote to the process and a gamesite to hold events at where you will not be bothered by, or be bothering, other campers or people.
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