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Discussion in 'The Lux' started by Matthew Pelkey, May 16, 2018.

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  1. Warthorn enters the tavern and heads to the notice board. He looks at the poster in his hand and says under his breath , "Wish it was a little more flashy" He pins it to the notice board. as he does this he notices the flyer for "The Lux Monhtly" and an idea sparks.

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    OOG: Please note, to participate in the class, you must have purchased Legerdemain.
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    Arlyne comes in the tavern and orders some mead before she begins her research. She sees the posting and nods as she scrawls her name on the parchment.
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    (Great idea! If you're still doing it when I am PCing, I'll join as well)
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  5. If NPC camp doesn't need you at the time you could always come as an npc
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