State of the Town

Adventurers of Erabella

Though the dust is still settling on our accomplishments this weekend, I want to take this moment to congratulate all of us. We won. The civil war that has plagued this land for far too long is ended. The leaders of the Royalist army have thrown down their weapons and officially surrendered. We can finally begin to repair this fractured nation and make this land a place with living in over any other. Though other threats remain, we can look forward to this task in earnest.

I would also like to take this time to update you all on the town box. It currently contains:

37 cure disease potion
1 purify potion
5 antidotes
2 enslavement antidotes
1 euphoria antidote
11 longswords
11 shields
3 short bows
2 long bows
1 short hammer
1 light crossbow
2 long hammers
2 short mace
1 hatchets
2 short sword
1 spears
3 heavy crossbows
2 twohanded swords
1 twohanded blunt
2 polearms
2 daggers
2 10 suits armor
2 15 suitsof armor
3 20 suits of armor

30 copper
49 silver
33 gold
For a total of 38.20 gold

There are also an assortment of ritual scrolls and a small number of components which have not yet been catalogued.

The weapons and armor in the town box may be loaned out to any adventurer if they lose or are otherwise unable to obtain a weapon or armor of their own. The potions and elixirs are there to be used by the adventurers in situations where an adventurer is afflicted and the means to cure them is not immediately available. I would also like to note that town box services are available to all adventurers of Erabella. Do not hesitate to ask for the help that you need.

A large thanks to Cassandra and Migs for making most of the items in the box, as well as everyone who participated in the fundraiser for the box or donated anything to it. You all are the reason we are able to offer this service.

Zen Mallowbrooks
Administrator of the Town Box
at this point i'm glad that the war is over and now we can help these people put the country together again and hopefully it will be quite peaceful for everyone for many years to come.