To all who answered my call for aid,

You have my utmost gratitude and the gratitude of the people of Springdale. Your success was as remarkable as it was swift. I owe you a debt of gratitude and I will never forget that.

Thank you.

To that end with the battles being so merciless we never had time to consult everyone who came to save the town. The town is formally designated an Adventuring Post.

I have two requests:

1) If you will please submit an after action report of all that took place to me I would be very grateful. If you feel it is of a sensitive nature please send it privately to me at Fort Aegis . Anything else please post publicly so that all may be prepared for what we may face in the future. (

2) Please submit any suggestions to Sir Mathis directly to rename the town. I know you are all a wonderfully eccentric bunch so know that anything that will look embarrassing on a map can't be used, but I will be as flexible as I can. Know that what you faced and defeated was profound. The threat you removed is significant. And the help you have provided to Springdale as a whole is still incalculable. Lives were lost in this struggle. Please honor your good deeds and your sacrifices well when providing the name.

Honorably your ally,
Sir Simon
Knight of the King
Kingdom of Dragonreach
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I believe I have already given you my report in person. If you require further information, please let me know.

Ghost Haven or Ellisel's Fate are my votes for the town name.

Naomilly Eponine Nyreena'Nayanabe Dri Tomonee


Apologies, I spoke like a solider. I'm sure that makes things somewhat confusing.

My request was for any and all that fought in the formerly named town of Steepfall to submit their story of two days of fighting. To share with all allies what occurred as a measure of informing, and thus empowering and protecting, each other. What you may think is likely common knowledge may be a total unknown to others. That can make a critical difference to everyone involved. If you feel what you learned should be shared but is to sensitive please send me and/or Sir Mathis a private missive (

In fact here is my own:

Late Friday night my healers successfully resurrected Master Gafaldin at fort Aegis. A victim to a panthergast insurgent into his cabin at the late hours.

Saturday morning I enjoyed breakfast and briefed several members of town on my current challenges. I brought in the job postings from the locals in your area. As I understand it every last one of them were completed. I am very grateful on behalf of my people of your efforts. The issues ranged from putting out elemental fires, to corrupted graveyards.

An enemy spy was uncovered and brought to justice. Several bandits were captured and offered positions within the army to work off their debt and rejoin civilization and the order that comes with it. Only those without blood on their hands were permitted to do so.

The mines to the south east of Aegis remain captured by Myconids but no known incursion from this stronghold have been witnessed yet.

Word has spread about Steepfall and the presence of adventurers taking an interest in Springdale. For the moment bandit attack reports have dropped off by 40%.

At the time of this writing not a single sign of the undead, ghosts, or the panthergast threat remains in the town.

Thank you for your submission Lady Naomi. To the rest of the heroes of Steepfall, please submit the names you wish to rescission the new Adventuring Post with.

Sir Simon
Kingdom of Dragonreach


I have yet to receive any suggestions for a town name, except for those proposed by Naomi. If you wish to provide a suggestion please get it to me before the end of this week so that one can be chosen in short order.

-Sir Mathis


I would propose Saar's hollow. I know that was loosely mentioned, and there should at least be 2 options.
I realize my dreaming is a bit late, I was occupied with a few urgent matters. As a suggestion for a name, I would pose "Etheril". It holds resemblance to 'ethereal', to honor it's history as a haunted area, but also has a nice ring for an important hub.

- Velnaeus Xevaz.

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