Steps Forward

With the passing of Duke Vladislav Noktavich, I am at a loss of where to go next politically. He was a good man, even in his last moments, willingly sacrificing himself so that we might be able to do more. My only regret was that I didn't try to reach out to him more in hopes that we could have found a better solution than his death.

I am stepping out of politics for a awhile. I am not stepping down as a cupbearer, but merely refocusing my efforts to look towards furthering the information that I have received than trying to play peacekeeper between Counts and adventurers. I don't care who becomes Duke. I care about making things better in Passwall.

I only ask one question of people. I was....unable to focus on events as they were occurring so I was not able to catch the dark elf vampire's name. Bangkrose (sp?) was one that someone thought they heard but I ask if anyone has a firmer recall. It would be the name of one of dark elf families in Passwall. I will need it for my research.

Thank you and good luck to you all,