Stitch and Sticks

Hi guys!

So I am gonna ask here and THEN plan - would anyone out in Michigan to learn basic sewing ? Or has sewing work they want company to work on? Or would just like advice ?

If I can find a place (someone's home or library room or something) to hold a sewing get together I am willing to travel to you all!

I have several sewing machines and a surger and a simple embroidery machine I can bring.

Also those that do not wish to sew can maybe work on other projects or practice fighting...

And maybe we can do food at some point?

Let me know how to plan of this is a thing people are interested in !

Thank you!

I would love to try that out, Annette! Please let me know if/when you would like to do this.


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I will offer up my house to host such an event if it is needed.
Ypsilanti MI.



I would like to come as well. As long as it's not a seven hour drive

Hi again- so the season is a month past now :-( and we have next years schedule :) - if we all want to do this - let’s set up a date and see where it can happen!

Sadly while you all are welcome at my home- 5 hours seems a bit far to ask anyone to drive to me :)

So- I will be looking for someone’s home to host or possibly a library room?

Any help is appreciated!

Also I know Michigan in winter is kinda snowy - I almost died several times just going to Kalamazoo in February - so if it bad weather unless someone else is driving I cannot come.

So date and location - let’s do this!

- Nette


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Well, Joe already offered up our house earlier in the post. We have decent space and now a somewhat finished basement. I can look at community spaces in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area too if people would prefer.

Thank you Brigit and Joe!! Apologies - I did not confirm with you guys so I did I not want assume we had use of your Home :)

So it looks like we need a date!

Any thoughts?

- Nette


Does this mean I have an excuse to meet the war hound?


I suggest a date in January. Give people time to plan and not conflict with holiday stuff.


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I speak of my dog, Freya, in game as my/Sloane's war hound or war beast. But she would be here if the plan was to in fact come here.
I do apologize - the delay is on my end. I am dealing with a very large family member care situation. I hope to be be able to talk with Joe and Brigit and in the next week or so and set a date as soon as I know the situation with my mom.

I am sorry about the delay!