Stone elf names

There are three main methods for coming up with Stone Elven names:

1. Close your eyes and point to a map of India/Tibet/Malaysia. The name of the city closest to where your finger lands is your name.

2. Pick out a handful of random consonants. Insert one vowel and one apostrophe somewhere in the word. Viola.

3. Flip through obscure Star Trek reference books for vulcan/romulan names.

Or, here are some suggestions:


It depends a little bit on which chapters' Stone Elves you are trying to name. Do they draw their customs from a real world culture? Are the Stone Elves in your write up related? What sort of skills do they possess, are they strong mentalists?

I was going to suggest Gran'ite Blankexpression, for the first one.

Off the top of my head with no other information to go on or ever playing a Stone Elf outside of an NPC I suggest these:

Vinlooran Razenheim

Shanzen Quintar'li

Vess Tendo'Rech


Oh man, Justin, your names are so cool! Why didn't I let you name my stone elf character? I nicked my name from Soren Kierkegard and a japanese car maker.


Thanks! :)

I like your Stone Elf name a lot, though! I think you came up with a great one. It's so fun to say!
hey, don't live down the awesomeness of Kierkegard... ;)
Another good fictional race to choose from is the Minbari from Babylon 5. Anything is good as long as you have an interesting mixture of hard consonants and soft sounds as well. My Stone Elf is Telokh Amdo. Nice hard sounds in the first name, softer sounds in the second. BTW Amdo is dialect spoken in Takster, Tibet where the current Dalai Lama was born.

I liked all the names from Amelia and Justin.
markusdark said:
Wish I could help, but I always call all stone elves "Chuckles".
Makes me think of Scott K. as Chuckles T. Clown. :lol:


I really like the name Adamas Moon. Adamas is the greek word for diamond and means non-tameable and hard. Is the name I would use for a stone elf if I made one.