Storm break season one closer favorites!!


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Hi all please post your favorite interactions and any achievements you feel you or others unlocked during the event!

Mike Ventrella

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Gregor: "General, do you think this massive storm is a result of some ritual magic being done to the Cauldron?"

General: "Ha ha! Well, Gregor, if it starts hailing, then we'll know for sure."

(20 seconds later)

Someone at the door to the tavern: "Hey, look! It's hailing!"


Later in NPC camp, Henry says to me, "Did you like that? It was in the write-up."
Ooook lets do this:

- ive been your monster desk guy in Ashbury but actually getting to play a new character and finally get to interact on stage with you powerhouse roleplayers was awesome. I hope im keeping up with you guys.

- first Archeology mod: that woke up the analytical side of me, when I totally decided to switch focus from puzzle to spooky apparition.

-Grayson handing Mardex garlic lemon olives, Grayson is definitely Mardex's favorite human ever. Oh and the minor interactions between Eric, Paul, and I reminded me why we always made a great team when our characters were on the same page.

- Hugs from Magnate Keegan: second favorite human.

-Second Archeology Mod: This game is designed to hurt...the kitty. On the other hand, wow did you guys kick into overdrive once i slumped in the box.

- Mardex's life choices coming back to haunt him

Achievement unlocked: Tigger and Piglet, i definitely looked forward to teaming up with the powerhouse RP monster named Oxalis!


Hoyce's favs for the closer, in no particular order:

-Playing High Mage Rett in the Archaeology mods. Whereas before he couldn't go on them because of the competition, there was no reason now for him not to, and it was fun.

-Corollary to the above: Rett's love of his hat, and the RP after the second Archaeology mod.

-Watching the reactions IG to the two multi-player IBGAs that we sent out. I think we gave PTSD to about 32% of the player base.

-The Seal Wylderkin who was sent out to eat dinner. We are not above rubbing salt in the wounds.

-Going out as my Dog Wylderkin. Shades of my tertiary PC Rex, though some PCs got to see beyond that for this character...

-Seeing Buddy and Kate FANTASTICALLY bring Overlady Sterne and Overmagnate Haynard to life.

-Listening to Roark give his spiel about the Kracken as the Governor General and then, after he left, asking the other PC's "Does he come off as batshit insane to you guys too?"

-Listening to other PC's opinion of the GG when I'm around as other Characters.

-Watching the final plot dump of the season that certain PC's got. The reactions from the PC's was just fantastic.

-Running a game with two of my best friends ever that so many people seem to enjoy!

-And last, but certainly not least: our NPC's!!! You guys busted your *** for us all weekend to be so very many trolls. Thank you sooooo much!


Oh yea! How could I forget the following:
-Listening to Qori tell Aria how she could NEVER forget her and having to stifle a snicker, because though I knew differently the character I was playing didn't.

-Entering the tavern for breakfast on Sunday to have Gregor declare "Here comes the General!" (to which I answered that he should "Rise up" and serve my breakfast.
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I had such a good time, you guys! Here are some moments I can tell you about, in no particular order:

- Modding and plot dumping with Black Tusk War Band. I couldn't count on both hands how many times I heard (or said), "Oh, ****!" Oops!

- Quori's face when she figured out what why this scantily clad woman was smiling at her. And why she stopped smiling. And making her smile again. Bluff check succeeded!

- Henry letting me hook the wave battle as Aria so I could stay in the skimpy outfit, which was a relief from Lady Elizabeth's more demure long sleeves and overdress.

- Getting to/having to unload as High Magnate Elizabeth (complete with Kesh blood war paint) in the final battle of the season.

- IG and OOG hugs! Dustin/Sasha gives the best hugs!

- Mardex: (crying) I am quitting the Guild of Wine and Roses. My life can't be about comfort and pleasure anymore.
Elizabeth: I'm sorry to hear that. Want to be in our cabinet?
Mardex: Ok. *sniffle*

- Snacks in the shade.

- Breakfast pizza.

- Buddy and Katie killing it as the Over Magnate and Over Lady.

- Seeing Aaron have fun being a crunchie.

- Getting to know some of our NPCs a little better.

- So much good RP from everyone!

- Henry and Hoyce putting up with me for the last 16 years.

- There are more I'm forgetting...


Dirk / Balaad "Quartermaster" As'Caral

Best moments!

- The amazing archaeology mod: The spider NPC's were awesome and new. The creepy apparition actually put some fear in me the first time

- Every interaction Balaad has with Mari is a conflict of trying to be hard boiled while fighting the curiosity she inspires

- Getting to see Qory's (sp?) war face; once as a PC from the bushes, once as a troll. Absolutely perfect barbarian face!

- Actually learning about the depth of trust and reliance between a certain gorilla-kin and an absolutely trustworthy hobling companion

- All the NPC's on Sunday who helped explain to me how things worked and were patient enough to put up with my questions and nerves. Thank guys!

Lastly, Thank you to the plot team for an awesome first season! We all can see the challenges you face but this story is developing to be truly epic!


In no particular order:

- Decoding a message in a bottle with Jantis and "Dead Drop" only to find out later OOG that it wasn't actually from Stormbreak but left on-site from another game. Kudos to plot for rolling with it and making that an awesome PC-driven moment.

- treason cookie friends club. Mari officially making friends with Sasha and Oxalis.

- "Go be famous, Ox!". Mari decided to take up tea leaf reading since she can't control her prophetic dreams (totally logical for her) and loved RP-ing with people while pretending I OOG don't know how to do this. Divination exchange with Roark (we're dream-bros now) having the bones read for Mari was awesome. She 100% believes in the Kraken and what's going on up north.

- The Mage's Guild salute was born. Final wave battle, Will K. as a Troll breaks through the front line and heads for the casters. Simultaneous and unplanned Fortress wall of Mages. Perfect.

- Donovan and Balaad playing dice, Mari says "He [Donovan] is going to win this one." (He does.) "Yeah, it's no fun gambling when you know what's going to happen." Thank you random chance for lining up with my character's fortune-telling crazy.

Thanks all for a wonderfully immersive game, thanks NPCs and Plot for making the world go.


I always have the hardest time coming up with favorites after a really awesome event...

-- OMG Aria was perfect - making Sasha get her name, telling everyone an "Oh Qori" was in town and having them all be perfect bros ;)

-- The unexpected "have you ever noticed..." conversation in the healer's guild with High Magnate Elizabeth

-- CAULDRON BREAKER! Elemental plane is death... And the ritual backlash conversations that followed... Thanks Eric for being a Tolerable Sky Necromancer

-- All things Kyle, watching you rock out getting all the OOG stuff done on Friday, weird NPC shenanigans and Roark RP you totally make my game better!

-- Akiro's assistance on the Aria issue and making us all uncomfortable with his comfort! :p

-- Owing Sasha, their seal kin reaction, and watching them rock out with a damn staff from the other side of the Friday wave battle

-- Getting to backpack Will's kick *** Troll on Friday, it's been a while since I've played caster ;)

-- Troll necklace intrigue

-- All the Saturday drinking!

-- Kiss from High Magnate Elizabeth, still disappointed she and Magnate Ryatt didn't take up Qori's offer

-- Not being murdered for how she spoke to the High Lady & High Magnate (you know, the other ones)

-- Mari tricking me into Sky Necromancy and Jan (?) saving her from the possible evil


-- Raging out!

I know I'm missing like 20,000,000 but I'll fill it in later :)

Achievement Unlocked: She's as cold as ice - Resist more than 5 claw attacks in a single fight, and growl in their face while you do.