Stormbreak 2019, Final Season: Event Schedule


2019 Schedule, teasers will be added as the event comes closer.

"The Fall of the House of Wyndael"
May 17 – 19: Stormbreak, Season 3, Finale
Max Level 16

We know when it starts. We know when it ends. We understand it. War. War divides. It draws lines that separates sister from brother, food from the starving, civility from barbarism, the living from the dead. Peace is more complicated. We can understand failures of a peaceful rule. But for those who deliberately seek to betray peace, they must surely value life less than those who seek to preserve it. War invites madness, death, and chaos. The Cloud Empire has been fighting a war for 20,000 years against Chaos seeking only to bring Order to the Maelstrom. The wills of the traitors are weak, after all, they have already betrayed oaths they took - they have betrayed their own integrity. The Cloud Empire is forever. Compared to that, Wyndael is just a light rain. And the Storm will soon Break.

*Edited by Wahrheit Redner, scribe of House Stratos
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Soooooooo since this is the last event for this campaign, any way that level cap will be lifted? :D
Nah bruh max level for opener I believe is 16