Stormbreak Campaign Update

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The Alliance Stormbreak plot team has an important announcement:

After much discussion the plot team of Alliance Stormbreak has decided that will complete our story in one final, pre-rules change Alliance event.

It is our conclusion that the salient parts of our tale can be finished in that time in a way that does not cheapen the story and the hard work of the players who have written this adventure with us. It has been an honor and a privilege to play with, and off of, our players and to tell this amazing story with them so far.

In any LARP there are almost always superfluous wave battles, encounters, and modules that are designed to entertain players as well as take up time at events, including sometimes entire sub-arcs, and our game is no exception to this. We will remove those "padding" elements to bring a undiluted, streamlined, and natural conclusion to the events that have been set in motion. Our players, whom we have been entertained by and whom we love, should be prepared for a very busy event!

Our reasons for this change are myriad and complex. We owe it to you all and to ourselves to, in broad brush strokes, explain ourselves. As you are all aware the Alliance Rules have/are changing. Our understanding was that the rules change would not impact our game until just prior to the final event (this event was initially scheduled to be an “epilogue” style event thus the changes to the rules would be inconsequential to our storytelling). The timeline has moved up and we are unable to move the date of the event at this time. This means that we now need to make a choice, either update our game world to reflect the changes or become a non-Fortannis game (still under the Alliance umbrella but no build, or treasure transfer). We do have an eye towards a possible future for Stormbreak so we did not wish to limit ourselves with a quick decision. Both of the options represented a massive impact on staff resources that are already heavily taxed under the best of circumstances all while the entire Alliance is adjusting to the new rules. Ultimately our team decided that the level of effort for either of those options is not justifiable for the number of events and the amount of story remaining.

We know that this will disappoint many of our players and for this we deeply apologize. Quite frankly we are disappointed too but when we view all of the likely problems with either of our choices, this makes the most sense. Please trust that if we did not think that we could create an exciting and epic conclusion with our players in one event that we would have made one of the other paths work in spite of the problems and challenges they present– but we do, in all honesty, feel that together we shall make such an end of it.

Stormbreak Plot wants to thank the HQ staff for allowing us to tell this story and our players for telling it with us. We hope to see you there as we conclude our epic tale.
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