Stradyn needs you.


Having recently fought on the front lines, has reinforced how critical that fight is to the defense of Stradyn.
  • I request that all adventures who are not currently involved in the defense of Barstow or its citizenry, head towards the front lines to offer your support. All skill sets will be of value to the soldiers who defend our border. The Commanding officer there, Lord Knight Henry Longshadow of the Order of the Basilisk will be able to direct your talents where they will be of greatest use.
  • Members of the Silver Wolves will be defending a caravan of supplies on their way to the front lines to fight, if you are interested in joining them you may contact me privately, or post your contact information here. I shall direct it towards the Silver Wolves who are heading to the front, all are welcome to join us.

Additionally I would request that any scholars, Earth or Celestial who are trained in formal magic join me in meeting with Celestial Guild Magistrate Edwin. He believes that through formal research we may be able to discover a way to remove or diminish the magic resistance that protects the gnolls.
  • If you are interested in joining me in this research, please message me privately or post your contact information here, so I may keep you involved. I will handle all arrangements and communications.

- Squire Eldor

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Squire Eldor,

I have sent my caravan with assorted armaments with Lord Polair to the front to assist in the only way I can currently. I hope it helps in the endeavor of supporting the front lines in these times of need. If possible, please gather any information about the undead in the ways of what possible skills or resistances they might have. I want to build a book that can help supply and prepare us for such battles.

Also I would advise taking restore and awaken potions as they have been withering limbs and putting people to sleep to drag them off.

Merchant, Researcher & Potion Master