Stylish master rule, and some other general information


To preface the rulebook edition I have is 2.0 if that is not the most current edition. My question about stylish master is that you also need to purchase a weapon type skill i.e one handed blunt, one handed edge correct?

I was hoping to attend your event in June, but I can not seem to find the date for it. If someone can point me in the direction of where that information would be.

I know y'all have a minimum standard for costuming, and I wasn't sure the etiquette of posting costumes on the FB page to be checked for that minimum standard. So if there is a more appropriate place to put it, if someone can point me in that direction as well.

Also, is character creation dealt with at check in, or should I be talking to someone beforehand?

Thank you in advance for answering my questions.

-Loremaster Ravel


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Gettysburg Staff

Style master does require that you have a weapon skill (or Claws) or order to make use of it. It only grants you the ability to use a shield or multiple weapons simultaneously.

As to events, your best bet is posting that question in the specific sub forum for the chapter you are looking at. They would also be able to discuss costuming requirements and check-in processes.

You can find all the chapters here: