Resolved Summary of Starting player rules

Hello All,

I have been working towards building a new character and have been applying blankets and event buy-backs so that I can increase my character's level before the first game. The Rules that I have been given for this so far are:
1. Character's Starting production is (Character XP) x (Level) + 100 = Starting Production
2. Characters can place any number of Rituals on items with either dragon stamp purchase or Starting production
3. I can use my starting production to make gear and potions for my character
4. I can convert goblin stamps to production or copper (1:1 ratio) at a rate of 50 per Logistics Period actually played, not for buy-back games

So my questions are these,
What is the maximum starting level/experience that I can utilize to gain XP for skill purchase?
What, if any, of the above statements are incorrect, and if so what are the right answers?

Thanks in advance!


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Gettysburg Staff
Hey Nathan,

The only real issue I see with your base premises is with #2. A single item can only have a maximum of 20 ritual effects on it, regardless of whether they are from starting equipment, dragon stamp or goblin stamp purchased rituals (the latter may or may not be offered by your chapter and they determine those costs) or starting equipment.

Statement #1 should probably also include the caveat that the upper limit on starting gear is hit at 300xp (9100).

As to the first question, there is not a game wide limit on XP, though your chapter may limit a character’s xp at events. While you may have a character with 300 xp, if you attend an event at Chapter X, where they have an xp cap of 70, you could only use up to 70 xp worth of skills on your card, but must meet any applicable pre-reqs.
All the info on starting equipment is laid out on page 77 of the Player’s Guide and the rules for chapter level caps are on page 15 of the same.

If you’ve got additional/follow up questions on this, please feel free to send me a PM here.