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  1. Kitaruen

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    Hey Folks!

    Just letting you know to get in your IBGAs for the next round. The Deadline is 11:59PM Tuesday July 11th.

    Primary Action- This is the meat and potatoes of your IBGA -Please list all applicable COs as they will enhance the effect of your task- gaining additional information or allowing success at all depending on the action.

    A single secondary action related to your titles/property/magic item flaws or that follows up on a task given by a specific named NPC at the previous event. We assume you take care of all resposiblities between markets this should be thought of as a minor action directly related to one of the above things. For clarity this is not a full action but a concise support action.

    Granted 1 inquiry of knowledge for any single CO you have. Think of this as a clarification or a bit of bonus info. This is NOT action and should be thought of as a one sentence question and response.

    Please note that rituals or items that provide ritual effects cannot be used in IBGAs- that is not to say we will never for story purposes have you involved in one but this seems to be an issue that comes up frequently. Whispering Wind items for the few of you lucky enough to have them may be used in place of letters however it should be noted that the IBGA period counts as one day for charge purposes. Sending a mundane letter whenever able is simply more realistic to the world. If you want to guarantee delivery you may pay a master letter carrier 3 silver (owed at next logistics) Other letters are by pigeon or bulk messenger and are not guaranteed to find their mark.

    ALL IBGAS should be sent
  2. Darkcrescent

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    2 days folks! I almost forgot myself.
  3. Eldandiril

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  4. asura

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    When will we recive our summer IBGA response?
  5. *Bump*

    Are summer IGBA's coming soon?

    See you all in a few weeks.
  6. matrim1985

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    IBGA responses are sent out the week before events. We are working on them and I am exited to see you all in a couple weeks!

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