Summons from Sir Jonothan

Nobles, Squires, and Adventurers of Ashbury:

To all who will read these words, by authority given to me by Queen Sonia Forthiatis Bouchard, I ask that all able bodied Nobles, Squires, and members of the orders that have once had affiliations with the Baronies that were under the banner of Ashbury to come meet with me in the Estate of Dragonheart, in the evening of the 19th of Dragon. All relevant information will be given at the meeting.

Sir Jonothan Dragonheart Vardik
Order of the Gryphon
“One Sword to Keep Others in Their Sheathes”
Legion, we march.

Captain Hogrim Earthblade
Sir Jonathan,

Since when have we been able to access Dragon Heart? No news of this had been announced to anyone. I feel like this is information we all should have been made aware of.

So please. Inform us on HOW we are to get to Dragon Heart since last we knew ther are not road, paths or ways there.

Dame Readella Taurasn
Order of Foundation
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Dame Readella Taurasn:

I thought so to until I woke up there. Buildings were standing if not in excellent condition. It was haunting to not hear the familiar sounds of my home. I suspect a way shall be made clear by the agency that brought me there, so I would prepare. I'm certain it is real as when I awoke the next day a banner I took from the ruins of the manor house that was there was still in my possession. I cannot go farther into this until all are gathered.

Sir Jonothan Dragonheart Vardik
Order of the Gryphon
“One Sword to Keep Others in Their Sheathes”
((If you've heard Ket's voice before, you recognize it. It's oddly muted and distorted.))

Sir Jonothan, your message comes clear to my ears, and it is welcome. Yours is the first familiar voice I've heard for some time. I have been adrift in the mists for quite a while now, in realms unknown to me and seemingly devoid of anyone whose tongue I can comprehend. Even Common is unknown to them. If I am able, I will answer your summons, but I doubt my ability.

If this should reach any others who have been concerned of my absence, know that I am well and that I have missed you and my homelands dearly. If at all possible, tr--

((His voice fades away.))
Sir Johnathon,

I am on my way. Vigilance and Valor. Time to go to work.

- Grims voice
Sir Jonothan Dragonheart Vardik,

The Gilded Claw will be there.

Pheonix Timewalker, Matriarch of the Claw
My apologies, but I have not been able to get out of the extreme Northeast in time to make it there.

Sir Neville