Sunday April 7th Conversion Day

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  1. Kitaruen

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    On April 7th we are meeting for a logistical conversion and general hang out sort of Day. This Day is free to all who attend BUT will count as a full one day for build purposes. Anyone who does not physically attend is welcome to blanket it via gobblin stamps! And it is part of the season passes as well! Anyone who physically attends will be given the option to buy 500 pp aka 5 gold worth of 2.0 production at cost.

    We will be in conference room B of the Lisle Library from 1PM-5PM: 777 Front St, Lisle, IL 60532

    The purpose of this day is to convert all the physical stuff and things of the new ruleset. Although we will discuss character builds and new rules and help folks start to understand all of that. The main purpose is to work on the following topics. So with that said PLEASE BRING ALL OF YOUR TAGS/ITEMS FROM THE FOLLOWING LIST-anything on this list must be turned in and converted in some fashion. Many cases its as simple as a new tag others its more complicated. We will walk you thru it all. Those who want to get a jumpstart may use the resources I attach at the bottom of this post.

    All Spell Books
    All Recipe Books
    All "Wand" Components both Restricted and LCO
    All Production Restricted and LCO
    All Ritual Scrolls Restricted and LCO
    All Magic Items Restricted and LCO

    Email questions and such to

    A form Shen used that will help us be prepared for you and help you organize your things!

    A magic item and ritual scroll calculator spreadsheet that will help you plan ahead what you want!

    For new players or folks who have completed the transition already please come on out it will be a fun day of new edition conversations and general fellowship with each other!

    Also FYI we will be doing a Conversion Fund Raiser- primarily aimed at helping with a new coin order! The rewards will be tiered based on amount given 10/50/100! Full details forth coming as we get closer!
  2. Darkcrescent

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    I held a conversion day for the MN Chicago players this past weekend and it was very helpful for figuring outRitual and MI pts as well as learning what will and won’t convert. Highly recommended to attend.
  3. tennyo.san

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    Quick question. Are we converting only Chicago Magic items? Or all magic items regardless of where from?
  4. Muir

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    Also, as a conversion question. For someone who's doing item conversion to something that needs a base item I don't have presently, is there a method by which we can access/pay for the needed item? I want to convert one of my per-day items' batches over into some Source enhancements, but I lack a tagged wand to stick them to until I can pay for one at the start of next Logistics. ;)

    Similar question, for people forging into spellcasters, is there a plan to handle spellbooks so they don't have to go into their first logistics period with nothing memorized?
  5. Kitaruen

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    As far as Magic Items and Ritual Scrolls we will be converting all MN and Chicago things, we will aid you with all restricted items/scrolls however may end up forwarding the information to the appropriate logistics team thus there maybe some delay before you get the tag (but almost certainly by the opener) LCO items and scrolls from other chapters you will need to follow up with that chapter

    We will be allowing the purchase of Spellbooks via gobbies or coin at logistics as long as it was preregistered as being needed.

    We will allow the rituals to be placed on the item as long as it is purchased at logistics before entering game with it. We will keep a list of such items.

    The goal is to get as much of the effort and labor done ahead of time so that at event its simply sign here, give me a bag of old, I give you a bag of new, pay x coin, alright next sort of thing. We will have a substantially increases staff for check in at the opener BUT the goal is no actual conversions to be done at site just the wrap up paperwork if you will.
  6. Muir

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    Sounds like an excellent plan.

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