[.11] Surprise attack examples?


Surprise Attack - 6 XP (Rogue), 90 XP Stealth Skills, Passive – once this skill has been purchased, the character may ignore positioning requirements when attacking a character performing a Counted Action such as a Rift or Killing Blow.

With such high prerequisites I think this skill would be awesome but I cant think of a single action that this would be used. other than touching someones toe for a killing blow, not worth 6xp if its just that.

can anyone give me cool reasons for taking it
If something tries to Rift with its back to a wall (which would stop you from getting behind it), you could laugh and smack them for a Doom Blow right in the chest and call it a day. It's a fairly niche ability, but highly effective for Rogues in the right circumstances.

Remember that counted actions also include monster spawning calls like "I come from the ground" or what have you, so you could also just unload a ton of Backstab damage straight into their face before they even get a chance to do anything.


I see some of your point. I notice if something rifts or comes from the ground its too far away for an attack. rarely is it that they come close enough to hit and if they do why not just killing blow it as it comes in.
You can't Killing Blow it unless it's more than a 3-count and you start the Killing Blow while it still has more than 3 counts left on the action; once it starts the count, running over and motor-mouthing your own doesn't mean you beat it even if you finish first. 3-counts represent the time it takes to do a thing, and unless they're going at a snail's pace with their counting, you starting your count after them means thy finish first and would no longer be subject to your counted action. Ripping from Confine is the same way; whoever starts the count (Rip or Killing Blow) first finishes first IG, unless they're making a choice to make the count slowly.

If it's an action where it can still move without interrupting it's Focus (which I'm fairly sure includes Rifting), then you can't Killing Blow it at all.


I agree. I just see this ability never being taken by more than 1% of the rouges as the cost are so high and the usefulness of it is extremely limited.
would like to see all skills be useful and wanting to be used but this one shows almost no use at all in actual gameplay. I plan on testing it out just too see if i would use it at all just to give the feed back. I personally play a rouge with a build with no back stabs or back attacks. i have most my build in take outs an alchemy. I swing for 2 regardless of where I hit lol. But I can if i want take out something pretty easy.
Hmm... I don't see if being much use for your Rogue with that build specifically, just because you're required to use per-days to get any real value out of it, and the times you'd want to use your per-days with this skill are fairly niche and likely limited to trying to take out the Big Bad of the mod/town fight while it's trying to Rift or Engulf or whatever.

But if a Rogue has 4-5 Backstabs, and is quick on their feet with a decent Carrier (which will obviously be dependent on what you're fighting), they could absolutely melt any monster that tries to spawn nearby before it gets a chance to take a step, just because they're smacking it with "10 Flame" or "12 Healing" or something, and even a few hits before it spawns fully is going to be huge if it's weak (double damage, goes straight to Body) to that Carrier.


Note that Ripping Free is a counted action (perhaps the most common one), and a *significant* percentage of the Monster DB can rip free from at least some level of binding.

This skill makes it so all of a sudden your buddy's Pin spells activate your Backstabs without having to break a line formation or take the precious couple of seconds to physically circle around your opponent.



I have a good chunk of Back Attacks that I plan to use during wave battles in order to conserve one-shots. Surprise Attack means that I’m probably going to be hitting my target for 20s without needing to spend time getting behind them.

It also means that if an enemy starts trying to KB someone, I have the choice to just Absolutely Wreck Them. Capitalized on purpose.

Heck, I look forward to “I Rift it 1, I Rift..”

“200 Doom Assassinate.”


This skill is gorg.


The good thing is for some chapters, it's a great option. For others, maybe not so much. I'll use it in Denver ALL THE TIME. Rifting, ripping free, doing mods where I'm in a small room and enemies are spawning from the walls. To be able to wail on them, super effective for me.




Does refitting armor count as a counted action?

Or only 3 count things.



It doesn't not work on actions that have a focus time as their requirement, like refitting armor. It only works for actions someone is taking while counting outload. It doesn't necessarily mean just 3 counted actions. For instance if plot decides that digging a gem out of a thing will take a 20 count. *I dig one, I dig two....I dig fifteen....I dig twenty*