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  1. Carl Montano

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    So, not exactly a new player, but haven't played since before latex swords came in.

    As far as swords, what are the rules on latex swords as far the padding? (I.E. swords sold on larp weapons sites)

    As far as shields, essentially the same question as the swords, but I also need the dimensions.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Inaryn

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    Weapons, and their construction requirements, begin on page 81 of the rulebook. There is not difference in shield dimensions between standard and latex. Latex swords must still have the minimum 5/8" padding on their striking edges.

    I suggest a full review of the weapon section, since there's been a lot of adjustments since the last time you've played, include min and max lengths.

    You can pull up the ebook here: http://alliancelarp.com/rule-book/
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  3. Muir

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    The biggest thing on latex weapons is to check with your local weapons marshal. They're very much a chapter by chapter and marshal by marshal approval due to how much they can vary, so best practice is to see if your local marshals have any brands they have already checked and approved of or things they're looking for in a latex rep before spending significant money.

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