Taking Care of Business

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Striding up to the front desk Tengu waits until the elderly woman seated behind has finished what she is writing to address her.

"Greeting Nana, I hope all is well. May I please put in a request for lodgings over the next week and access to a trap workshop, if we have one?


Calgary Staff
She peers at you over her glasses. "We do not, nor have we ever had, a trap workshop. You will need to find a vendor in the city. As for a room, we have a few empty at the moment. Name please?" she asks as she pulls out another book from under the table.
"Tengu Tietzsche, Executor of the Inner Circle." Waiting patiently until she had written his name down he continues, "If she has the time may I request a meeting with the Fatespinner? There are matters from Fort Shaundaular I wished to relay in person. As well, would you be so kind as to direct me to the Vault Keepers?"
"My thanks." With a nod Tengu takes the offered key and ascends to the Fatespinner's chamber.
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