Tavern Night #2


Hello everyone! We are very excited to announce the time of the next Aer'Astria Tavern Night!

Just a general reminder of What this will be: A text-based RP event, where Plot and NPCs bring certain characters into a virtual Spirit’s End Tavern for 4 hours. This will give all you wonderful PCs a chance to chat publicly or privately in character and ‘in person’, with each other and NPCs, and perhaps advance some stories a bit while we are waiting for the next game!

What this will Not be: This will Not be a chance to get more XP (sorry). Additionally- THIS IS TIMEY-WIMEY! Depending on where your DTAs have you traveling, you can consider this to be between DTA responses, or not. It is up to the individual as to what makes sense to them.

Where it will be: This will be on our Alliance Oregon Discord server. There will be IN CHARACTER ONLY channels that include but are not limited to “Main Tavern”, “Table by the Fire”, etcetera. The conversations within these channels will be considered ‘public’ to that channel. If you strike up a conversation with an NPC and wish to have it be more private, we will be allowing PM conversations as well, which will still be considered to be ‘around the area of Spirit’s End’. (Though we ask that you be conscientious of time and availability of NPCs, and be aware of the 4 hour limit for this event.)

When it will be: Saturday, June 6th 2020 (4PM - 8PM)

We look forward to seeing you there!

PS. Any NPCs we haven't contacted already, that want to be a part of this, please DM our Head of Plot Barb!