Tavern Night this Saturday 07/11/2020 from 4:00-8:00PM!

Tavern Night this Saturday 07/11/2020 from 4:00-8:00PM!
(We can't wait to see you all there!)

*NPC Cast List to follow later this week.

This will be the last one that will occur BEFORE the Online Event! And to be clear... Plot Relevant things have been and will be happening at Tavern Night!

Though I know most of you know how this works by now...

Here's a general reminder of What this will be: A text-based RP event, where Plot and NPCs bring certain characters into a virtual Spirit’s End Tavern for 4 hours. This will PCs a chance to chat publicly or privately in character and ‘in person’, with each other and NPCs.

What this will Not be: This will Not be a chance to get more XP (sorry). Additionally- THIS IS TIMEY-WIMEY! Depending on where your DTAs have you traveling, you can consider this to be between DTA responses, or not. It is up to the individual.

Where this will be: This will be on our Alliance Oregon Discord server. There will be IN CHARACTER ONLY channels that include but are not limited to “Main Tavern”, “Table by the Fire”, etcetera. The conversations within these channels will be considered ‘public’ to that channel. If you strike up a conversation with an NPC and wish to have it be more private, we will be allowing PM conversations, ‘around the area of Spirit’s End’. (Though we ask that you be conscientious of time and availability of NPCs, and be aware of the 4 hour limit for this event.)

Just a reminder, we strongly discourage combat at these Tavern Nights. If you absolutely Must, please gather everyone involved into a private group DM and contact a member of Plot to inform them of your intentions.
Additionally, this is the same procedure you should undergo if you are desiring to enter Mental RP with an NPC (unless that NPC is already a member of Plot). Especially if more than one Character is entering the same mind, at once.
Logistical reminder: everyone needs to be on each other's "friends" list to be able to initiate group DMs in Discord.
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Tavern Night starts tonight at 4:00PM!

As promised, here's the cast list for tonight!



Spoof, Thresh (depending on circumstances)

Helen Pavlo, Tav'ari (Grannie Garu!)


Bennit, Miik Hivius, Alluvio, Albrecht

Illahee, Theah

Aqua, Cpt Brennan, Azita (Grannie Garu!)

Tasian, Huzz, Narok, Finnian

Bavaikas, Sylan, Luzula (Time allowing)​
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