Tavern Night this Saturday 6/6/20 from 4:00-8:00PM!
(We can't wait to see you all there!)

Here is the Cast List of NPCs we are hoping to bring out during Tavern Night!
(Please be aware that not all of these characters will be out at the same time, and some may be out for only a limited amount of time, depending on the NPC volunteer playing them!)

Be aware: There will be some BRAND NEW NPCs showing up to this Tavern Night!

Hellen, New NPC!
Lyali, Darrel Miik, Moratio, Magistrate Bennit
Baqi, Meryk
Hivius, Alluvio, New NPC!
Theah, Pytan, Oriella (only if time allows)
Tasian, Huzz, Narok, Finnian
Aqua, New NPC!
Luzula, Bavaikas, Sylan​

Just a reminder, we strongly discourage combat at these Tavern Nights.
If you absolutely Must initiate combat, please gather everyone involved into a private group DM and contact a member of Plot to inform them of your intentions.
Additionally, this is the same procedure you should undergo if you are desiring to enter Mental RP with an NPC (unless that NPC is already a member of Plot). Especially if more than one Character is intending to entering the same mind, at once.
Logistical reminder: everyone needs to be on each other's "friends" list to be able to initiate group DMs in Discord.