Tavern update 2019 please read

hello everyone!

I just wanted to check in and make sure we have everyone's allergies and dietary restrictions posted so we can make sure no one get sick!

Please comment below if you are a vegan or vegetarian and what allergies you have!

Thank you!




South Michigan Staff
Still a vegetarian, and not allergic to anything! Thanks Evie!
My husband still needs to set up his account here I see. He’s aiming to come npc more.

Mike is allergic to dairy. Anything with cow milk or milk enzymes makes him sick. However if you let me know ahead of time we have no problems contributing food or at least covering his food needs if that will make the cook’s life easier.
Fake sugars make me an inpressive level of ill. Usually its not an issue except in diet drinks (like the low cal Gatorade). Sucralose, asuflame, asperthame, amino sweeteners, and honestly I even avoid the stevia extracts just to be safe.


Generally speaking, I try to stay from Egg and Dairy.
It's not a severe reaction, and I can do smaller quantities, but 'Egg Bake Breakfast' would be a no go for me ;)
I'm also happy to bring stuff to cover my breakfast, as most breakfasts contain Dairy and Egg.