Teh uJly veEnt


Teh event was sweet, dudes! I had a riot but then again I always do! Whenever I get to hit stuff I am a happy guy and you guys ALWAYS bring the hitting stuff right to my FACE! Especially you, Asa!!! Face-shot / body check combo was right on par with how I normally play, which was AWESOME!!!

All kidding aside, I had a good time this event. There was ALWAYS NPCs in the Tavern to talk [and they always had things to do, if you asked :)]to and ALWAYS stuff to do. Anytime I didnt have a mod card, I was able to go to Whump and get my "hit stuff" on!

Durk & Noni Ninja Style was awesome. Brood mod was scary when we got backed into the wall. I have NO idea what to make of Asa's Barbar. And the 2+ hours we spent on Friday night, trying to find Quinns sword, talking about the Thane, and trying to teach someone a different style of adventuring was really REALLY cool.

I cant wait for September for two reasons: 1.) Its not going to be deathly hot and 2.) Its my turn to hit all the PCs all the while being an NPC! I love it!



Great event as always. I really enjoyed the amount of 'backstory' that came out this weekend. With Craylore, Micheal, that unamed Dragon in the hole there was a lot. It really helped me place our little patch of jungle in the bigger picture.

I want to give a big middle digit to Mike and Silvey for bringing my body to Shade to be DFM'd. :) I had a plan, really I did. Why wouldn't anyone believe me? :)

I also learned to never follow Amber into the woods again. Ever.

Thanks guys. Looking forward to what's coming up.


First off BIG cheers to Matt, Asa, and Tank! They did an amazing job with only 2 NPCs for part of Saturday. Thank you to Rob and Kim for coming out for as long as you could. I was excited to see mod cards again. I love to go "looking for trouble". Doug, you make a super creepy, crazy seeer, hope you eventually got all the fake blood off your hands. Stu, way to sap my self confidence, but I think that was the point . All the double hooking was great. I enjoyed getting to fight against many of you. I think it might have helped me become a better fighter, especially fighting Waller and Rob while pinned during the seed planting mod.

I agree with Joe about it being nice getting to know more about the area we live in and it's history. Having only played for a year I don't have the years of knowledge and history that many of you do.

I can't wait to see what John and Doug have in store for us in September! Also, don't forget about the national event Labor Day weekend, come out if you can. It would be great to go down there with a small SoMi army.

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone!