Thank you... all of you...


Utah Staff
I still have some residual poison from that beast still flowing through my veins. If you didn't catch that, the poison gave me greater intelligence at the cost of my strength and combat prowess. But while this poison still flows through me and I am able to actually write you all without the aid of a scribe, I would like to say a few things...

I am grateful. It isn't every day that a High Orc walks into a place and the citizens welcome him with open arms. I have come here to the smiles and cheers of many and I have eagerly given my life to save those around me. Ghost was right when she said that I wish to aid those in need. And I help our town because it has helped me grow this past year.

In the 8 years (almost 9 years on the 19th of May!) that I have been alive, I have learned the most this past year. I have learned compassion, humility, humor, sarcasm, anger and love. You have all taught me so much and have humbled me to the point of tears. I cannot even begin to think about how I will repay you all for your kindness.

But I will. One of these days I will.

Thousand Bones of the Bleeding Eye
Duke of the Silvermaw
And slayer of many things...

We will have your back because we know you have ours.