Thank you!(Feb 28th)


Hey guys!
I would just like to thank everyone for the weekend! I had a lot of fun. You guys are awesome for running the game in 4ft of snow! Rock on.
Thanks for the pirates Elliot (sorry I ruined your mod)!

I'm a little too tired to focus on specifics right now, but I just wanted to say Thank you for the event,

Vim Dioa

Everything hurts. Thanks for a good time. Thank you Tank for taking time out to run for awhile. Must work more later.

Wow, I have a feeling it will take me three days to recover from such a mentally and physically exhausting weekend! I had an amazing time this event. Thanks to all of the dedicated NPCs that managed to run me ragged and to keep me to only 8ish hours of sleep for the weekend.

I wanted to mention a couple of specific things--

I really enjoyed the tense roleplay by Justin and Christine as the elves on Friday night. Thanks to Keo for taking the bullet and hastily claiming responsibility as mayor pro tem to deal with that! Suckeeerrr!! Also, Justin, I completely dug how well you played the dwarf on Friday as well. Well done!

The elven testing was very cool. Those puzzles wracked our brains for hours, and were very satisfying to finally decipher. I liked how we had to figure out how to get the notes to drop (at least I think we finally figured it out), and how they all played into the final note that warned us of our task for Saturday night. Speaking of which... The pin shun spirits were brutal for the escort task, and really did challenge us to work together. The message was cool, both on an in-game and an out-of-game level--if we are going to survive and prosper, we have to work together. Mission accomplished, I'd say!

I really enjoyed the vine-covered-door module as well. Special thanks to Josh and Matt for implementing that in such a cool way. I can't wait to see what happens in the coming events with respect to our vine-tainted friends.

Finally, and more generally, I wanted to compliment all of the staff for enabling proactive players to accomplish tasks and move plot forward. I saw it several times this weekend. PC had idea about some thing--inevitably a curve-ball--that they wanted to do. PC went to plot with their idea. Plot rolled with the punch, so to speak, and allowed the PC to push their idea forward in some way, shape, or form. PC was entertained and gets personal plot attention. This goes to show you that there really is never an excuse to be bored in your game.

All in all, a fantastic event. Way to open the season with a real bang!

aka Stremthi Wayfound, Lost Wonders Trading Company

Alison and I wanted to thank you guys, yet again, for running an amazing event and season opener! Even though there was 8 to one merlin inches of snow, all the NPCs and Plot members ignored the soreness & freezing cold and gave us PCs a fantastic opener.

Thanks to all you PCs for showing up and supporting South Michigan. It was really great to see all of you dudes & dudettes, fosho!!!

Cant wait till the next event!

GJ (and Alison!)

BTW - Its been a long time since I have swung 2s as a PC! OMG I HEART IT!!!!!
I just want to add my thank you to this heap.

NPCs, great job! Whoever played the NPC who gave us those ridiculously high energy deaths, thanks. Whoever was the NPC with the green hair, your blank stare scared me very much. Thanks for keeping the action going, Monster Camp!

Fellow PCs, it was a pleasure. I look forward to a return.


This being my first event on the NPC side of things, I had a blast. You guys are a lot of fun to play with and I am really looking forward to the rest of the season. I'll try to plan a little better for the next event so I'll be less lethargic/dead come saturday evening/night. (Escort quest? DIBS guy who walks slowly!)

I was really excited to see all the new faces as well. I hope our Caducus friends will come back and see us again, along with the trio of Gypsies and Cloud. (Sorry, I'm awful with names, but that Sword was gigantic. And awesome.)

On a less cool note; I'd like to just issue a blanket apology for 'charging' everyone all weekend. Last season I was a caster, so I'm just getting back in the groove of melee combat. My Bad.

See you guys in April.



I had a lot of fun being killed repeatedly! Thanks to everyone for being so nice and putting up with my n00bness. I'm looking forward to seeing you all again in April.


Oh, among all the lovely and rightly deserved thank you's to the Plot team and NPC's (you rock)! I'd like to thank Tank for taking time out of PCing to be on the NPC side of the world!