Thank You to Those Who Found Me

To the people who found me out in the wilderness,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for finding me. I have no idea who you are, who anyone is for that matter, but to whoever you are, Thank you.

There are many people telling me I am a Knight, and that I have all these responsibilities and duties to fulfill and right now its all just a bit too much. I get a lot of headaches and the constant finding of new emotional reactions to situations with no knowledge as to why, is quite taxing. I am going to take some time, alone, to see what I can do to regain my memory. I don't know how much, if any, will come back. I'll come visit people during gathers and such, but for now, I think I just need time.

Thank you again.
The man they say is Amaranthus.


Public Relations Committee

It was my greatest honor.

One Shield; Meaningless Without All Others,

Riddick Dale
Leader of the Phalanx


HQ Staff
Sir Amaranthus Landcharmer,

Welcome back. Your memories and sstrength will return to you. The homestone I am certain will have some . Be safe and know your friends and people you serve believe in you. rest until you are ready.

Vigilance and Valor.

Squire Marcusagrim Anvilstrike



Any time.

I hope that you are able to find the peace you seek.

Your friend always,
Qiu Jun-Wu



I wasn't there, so I know this thanks is not mine to accept. I would just like to say, if you need help coping with the idea of everyone else knowing who you are when you have absolutely no idea... I am happy to talk to you. Though, I also understand how important it is to be alone with your thoughts right now, so I take no offense if that is what you'd rather do.

Best of luck determining who you are, who you were, and who it is you truly wish to be.


Lanna Rose

Public Relations Committee
Sir Amaranthus,

It is wonderful news to hear that you are alive. I must say that I understand memory loss as well. You helped me with that preticular problem and if there is something within my power to help you I will do what I can.

High Guard of Blythdale


Asheville Staff
As one who fought to retrieve you I accept your thanks. Let the Arkelian Hunt know if you need assistance crossing the mists, for I believe you come from the lands of Caldaria, have served the people of the Deadlands as well as being a noble of Icenia.
We wish you the best of luck in reclaiming yourself.
Sir Amaranthus,

I am also glad I was able to help get you back. I hope as your memories return to get the chance to fight beside you and know you better. Retrieving you was an exciting and challenging hunt and I hope to be able to engage in more together!

- Quyri