Thank you


To Staff and Players,

Thank you. Thank you for making me feel welcome. Thank you for not treating me as less because of mobility issues. Thank you for an amazing weekend.

This weekend was epicly fun in so many ways. The role play was on point and in some moments character redefining. Being able to come with very few members of my own chapter and never feel like the last kid picked at kick ball was amazing. Watching and participating in so many fun moments, such as gold for pacifying Finch or laying and watching the stars were as much fun as going on a contract.

Being able to reconnect with the character that helped me as a player both see that there was a way for me to contribute, as a player/character, despite needing to sit often as well as teach me how to be a better healer, was once again a pivitol moment for Beryl. I walked away from those moment with even more confidence in the direction I was going then I came in with.

OEF and The Pride, shoot everyone, are such great role players and it really showed this weekend. Myself, Shen and Dolath all had great group and one on one interactions. Heck, because of yall, Shen and I are close to completing personal in character goals much sooner then anticipated.

To the staff, you guys were great. You worked tirelessly to put on a well run event and never flinched when confronted with a challenging situation. Your npcs were fun to RP with and your fights never felt impossible, just challenging. I cannot wait to play in a game you run again.

One last time....

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I'll see you again.

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Thank you to our plot team as well! You guys work really hard and I appreciate your efforts. All of our NPC'd deserve a hardy thanks as well!

My favourite part was the Naga fight and the shadows. I had a lot of fun experimenting with what the shadows were doing. I should have attempted a back flip just to screw with Dave, who was awesome for putting up with my antics.

To Sam, it was lovely to meet you as well and I'm glad we could make you feel welcome! If you want to keep in touch with a lot of the players at SoMi, we have a discord we chat in daily. You can access by going here-

Aww we love the Beryl and not just for the awesome cookies! I'm sad I didn't get to really sit and chat, I honestly was a mess most of the event. Still had fun though and was good to see folks! Plot and NPCs deserve all the love for destroying themselves in the humidity as always. So much to do before the next! All the happiness of people coming more!