Thank You


Chicago Staff

I would like to extend a thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the adventurers who have defended this town. I may not be very important as an individual I see that we work together more effectively to fight for Briar Pass and Wayside than we do alone. I would love to see us all working together more often. Even though I had to leave town momentarily to deal with another problem near by, I was told of all that I missed in my absence.... We have our inner turmoil it's true but let us not forget that we have the most victories as a team.

Let us as well remember those who lost their lives in the last few days. May they be remembered always and never slighted, ever.

May your travels be safe,
It was a pleasure to assist in the aid of good and free folks. And I likewise thank you for your healing and scholarly skills. I know for a fact that when we entered what I believe was your mushroom cave I would not have made it out of there alive if you had not used your power of life on me. It was good to meet you and I hope to see you again sometime.
I would like to give thanks to my friends. All of you whose friendship were unwavering in lands where my kind are regarded with scrutiny, fear, and hatred. Kevar who has overcome him past discrpancies and become much admired in mine eye. The newcomer Juka who found he was able to endure my company and even find friendship within this simple Roma girl. Eldarion who proved to be a wonderful instructor, bard, card player, and dancer. Dramthin who as always without cause, stood next to me as we took care of some elementals and defended the causes of justice. And to all else whom I forget to mention here! You all have my love and my gratitude!

May Good Fortune And Opportunity Come Your Way For Always,