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    Please accept my apologies that it took a little bit to get the list together of the game’s thanks for our tremendous NPC crew for the July 2017 event – but, “Better late than later!” as we say in my family! Please give great big props to our full-time volunteers for the July event:

    Abi Dancho
    Adara Piper-Webber
    Brian Lambert (Achievement Unlocked: wrote and ran his first mod this event!)
    Brittney Gallegos
    Buddy Sellers
    Connor Galimore
    Dan Begnoche
    Derek Reed
    Devorah Mack
    Emily Randall
    John Bringe
    John Johnson
    Josh Alexander
    Karol Jolly
    Kelsi Litwaitis
    Luke Litwaitis
    Michael Irwin
    Owen Loats
    Quentin Toetz
    Ronica Reilly
    Siren Ebright
    Willa Wang

    We also want to thank several PCs who gave up the time that they paid to attend this event to make it that much more awesome for everybody else! Let’s start off with the creative team that put together the super swank Mystic Wood Elf Love Festival:

    Devorah Mack, Liz Neuhalfen, Marcea Copeland-Rodden, Karlee Nasalrod, and administrative assistance from Mike Paxton!

    And all the PCs who NPCed, took monster shifts, marshalled, wrote, and helped make the game that much cooler:

    Amanda Burton
    Billy Dodge
    Cathryn Toomey
    Chris Fiene
    Christian Draco
    Derek Euchler
    Douglas Dexter (writer and NPC)
    Izzy Veldhuis (writer and NPC)
    Jack Reed
    Jay Torres
    Jeremy Daniels
    John Fawkes
    John Siadak
    Josh Lee
    Mark Copeland-Rodden
    Matt Dunn
    Max Maioli
    Mike Paxton
    Miles Rainer
    Nissa Osheim
    Shane Proctor
    Taylor Kaimen (writer and NPC)
    Will Haddon

    Here are some of the specific comments from our PCs that our intrepid volunteers received in praise of their hard work:

    Ian you are creepy as ****, and I mean that in the best way possible. I can't believe you ate my best buddy in front of me. Also, Owen always does an EXCEPTIONAL job and I cannot wait to keep watching him grow and become more of a bad ***.”

    Elsewhere, along a theme, “Ian is mean and creepy and awesome.”

    Jeff, and the Scion NPCs all did an amazing job on Saturday night!”

    Derek is a tireless beast!”

    Emily was awesome as the mist tiger that Valdyr hunted!” For the same encounter, “[Emily] made it so hard on me and it was incredible!”

    Jay as a serpentman attacking the town was awesome.”

    “Literally all of them, you are all doing a fantastic job and NPC camp is always the backbone of this game. Love you all to bits!”

    Miguel and Brian did an excellent job with us on the vampire and dwarven ruins. Very patient with all the new people that were in our group.”

    Ian was a lot of fun to RP with. Good characterization with minimal costuming.”

    Quentin did a FANTASTIC job all weekend.”

    Buddy did a great job with the whole mirror mod of death and seeding that plot.”

    Ian and Jeff did an amazing Job as ghouls.”

    Trace, I loved the old ogre shaman.”

    “Whoever played the serpentman that got captured [Connor]. It was fun to listen to him debate snake-person philosophy with some of the adventurers.”

    Buddy! Helpful all around.”

    Shout out to Izzy’s NPC Squad from Belswin's mod! “They are amazing.”

    Owen was sooo cute as a baby thunderlizard, he needs to do that again!”

    Devorah: “Loove Dawn!! Need more Dawn too.”

    “All of the new NPCs! I know the first weekend is hard, but they all took it well and never hesitated to pause and ask ‘What was that?’”

    And in terms of praise for our own backstage, here’s what the AWESOMENESS BOARD had to say:

    Abi: “In the heat of battle, sat next to an injured comrade to make sure they weren’t alone.”

    Brian: Made a full set of friendly plastic tusks for an ogre role that, alas, he didn’t get to play in July – but he will!

    Dan and John apparently put up with having their names confused all weekend, d’oh! John stayed behind at the end of the event to cleanup Monster Camp!

    Ronica comes in every event and organizes the stuffing out of Monster Camp as soon as she arrives on Friday nights!

    Quentin got mad props even backstage for his portrayal of Squire Win Ungsteen.

    Miguel is always incredibly helpful at events. I understand that he provided excellent escort at 2:00 am. He also went into one of Trace’s mods like Santa’s Elves and decorated the whole thing so it went from “meh” looking to awesome, great staging!

    Jesse had a great moment as Anarchy on Friday night when a PC asked if they just heard The Huntsman’s horn, and Anarchy leaped out of the darkness quipping, “I heard it, too, fucker!”

    Jeff went out of his way to provide a recycling bin for Monster Camp for all those plastic bottles we go through, and then drove home the recycling all the way to Westminster since that service isn’t offered in the rural county which houses our campsite. Mother Earth thanks you, Jeff!

    Trace made the AWESOMENESS BOARD!

    Ian secured this ridiculously sweet like Shane Proctor level outfit for his recurring role as Lord Michael Coldstone.

    You thought Siren was cool as our local tavern wench? You should have gotten to see her FREAKING AWESOME performance as Duchess Lyse Ungsteen of Lomeeria!

    Josh told us about the cows.” Seriously. That’s what it says on the AWESOMENESS BOARD.

    Amber Feldman – a PC who made the AWESOMENESS BOARD – brought Ian a Coke from far away!

    Did you know that Adara is incredibly talented at doing cool make-up? You now know that if you saw any of our serpentmen last weekend… or heard the screams of their related victims. That was all Adara! All that, and she stayed behind on Sunday to help pack-up Monster Camp. There is also the note, “Enthusiastic cultist,” which is a quality that we all admire very highly.

    Emily took beautiful photos as a gift to everyone in the game!

    Luke apparently has the best make-up and costuming among all NPCs in our game. He even drooled fake blood down his arms in field battles just for that added little bit of gruesomeness!

    Alliance Denver is deeply grateful to every single person who volunteers any of their time to make this hobby so much more enriching for all of us. Thank you, everyone, for your time and energy – see you very soon for our August 18-20, 2017 event in Woodland Park, CO!

    Trace Moriarty
    Team Prometheus
    2017 Acarthia Plot
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    Thank you guys SO much. I feel like the NPC squad this year is the strongest I've ever seen. Just amazing.
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    Whoever played the serpentman that got captured. It was fun to listen to him debate snake-person philosophy with some of the adventurers.” Twas I! Connor Gallimore! One of the four Utah native NPC's. I was the one who challenged PC's with the philisophical debate!
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