The ABC's of Adventuring: April 21, 523

I present the First Dreaming Edition of the April 21, 523 The ABC’s of Adventuring

Thank you to all the excellent writers and artists who supported this edition.

Please send any articles, news, events, stories, opinions, and other content to me here in the Dreaming, my publishing house on Atupul [Discord @Cuthburt#0119], or by pigeon [].

I am looking for any artists who would like to send their work [photographs, drawings, paintings, etc. High resolution PNG preferred].

I am specifically looking for articles on the below topics, but feel free to also submit anything else you feel should be included in this edition:
  • Gelatinous Cube
  • Pixie Fly Trap
  • Kelpie
  • Phantom’s Spirit Farewell
  • Sewers
  • School of the Basilisk
  • Green Carbuncle
  • Ho’nu’a
  • The Ball
  • Cake Boss
  • Letter Deliverer
  • Poetry contest

Amos Bartholomew Cuthburt

Carpe Diem Publishing


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I would be happy to provide an article on the Green Carbuncle for your next edition. I will be in Stalwood, but I can send the finished article by courier and spirit road. Do you have a word limit?

Korē Morleth
Cupbearer of Stalwood
Copper Sentinel of the Blackmoon Sentinels
Wisdom of the Rose Wardens
I would love to hear the tale of the green carbuncle and how it’s gem was collected!
No world limit at the moment. If anything needs to be changed or reformatted I will make sure to send a copy by courier to get your approval!
I very much appreciate it!

Congratulations on the new cupbearer position!

Amos Bartholomew Cuthburt
Carpe Diem Publishing


Chicago Staff

I will write a blurb about our new Pastry Chef, Velvet the Cake Golem.



Chicago Staff
Warmaster Nachtfeuer,

The culinary Construct prefers to be called "Cake Boss." Or, rather, that is what I intuited through its grunts and ornate ceremonial dance.

On that topic, Cake Boss seems much chagrined at engulfing the pastry oven, that half of the kitchen really, in flame. I reviewed the safety manual and I believe they understand the procedure this time.

Dramthin Hartsboon
Prademar University
Keeper of the Tainted Grove
Ignathis and Dramthin,
I look forward to hearing how Velvet, or Cake Boss, came to be the new pastry chef!
Thank you!

Amos B. Cuthburt
Carpe Diem Publishing