The Alendil Council Emissary


Morning dawns on the land surrounding the Silverdale Outpost, with the old Magpie Meadery shimmering in the light morning dew. A finely dressed Alendil, or High Elf, garbed in white and blue can be seen purposely making their way towards the Meadery. A well crafted longsword hangs off their left hip, swaying slightly as they briskly walk while a wooden short bow and yellow quiver bounces on their back. A rather strange sight indeed, to see an Alendil clothed in such a manner. They are commonly seen wearing light clothing of greens, browns, and silvers to match the sun-dappled woods of The Great Elarian Forest.

The Alendil approaches the Meadery, drawing a roll of aged parchment from their bag and pinning it to the wooden front door. Nodding to themselves, they promptly turn around and depart back towards the massive forest. Upon closer inspection, the parchment reads as follows:

Game 1 -- Silverdale Outpost Letter.jpg

OOG Transcript of Parchment:
Fair folk of the Silverdale Outpost,

The Alendil Council has requested my presence at the Silverdale Outpost to ascertain the current status of the area.

I shall be inspecting the Magpie Meadery, the Dragonfly Guild, and the status of the Blight.

Please ensure a representative is available to report on each of the previous items.

I shall also require several buildings set aside to house my extended staff.

I shall personally escort this next shipment of supplies that will arrive in a few days time.

We shall have much to discuss.
I look forward to meeting you all soon.

May the moon shine brightly on you ,
Baron Altohtaro Armand , Treetop Hall
Barony of Céva Eldamar
The Great Elarian Forest of Tel’Vania
Ingólemo Isilatara
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