The Beacons are Lit | November 4th-6th


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OOG NOTE: The following missive is posted far and wide throughout Chalameria; local readers and criers are paid to spread the message for any who cannot read it themselves.


To the good people of Chalameria,

I reach out to you today to call for aid. Over the last year our lands have been beset upon by a seemingly endless force of undead and nefarious entities of great power. Wherever we win a battle, the victories are short-lived as another attack elsewhere is quick to follow. By the time we can gather a force large enough to contend, significant damage is already done to the villages and settlements. While we are currently able to protect the seat of our baronies and capital, time only tells how long we will be able to hold out. The beacons are lit in all major castles calling any who would seek their protection to safety and giving any who would come to our aid a clear path. Any who wish to not take up arms against our foes may seek solace and safety behind the walls of our established cities; we will protect you.

While our own martial forces of the realm are staving off the skirmishes, we are calling all to the Dreamwood who would see this part of Fortannis safe from the stain of necromancy, those who yearn for adventure, any who wish to establish a new life, and those who may be looking for meaning and acceptance within a common society. Above all else we seek those who would be willing to explore, set down roots, and establish Cerenys as the foothold we need within the heart of the enemy’s territory. Additionally, there will be special dispensation for any who wish to become a noble of Chalameria, as the required education will be handled within the walls of Cerenys. For those who do answer the call, there will be opportunity abound, but be warned that there may also face the danger of the unknown.

We understand that there is at least one great being of power in this area, and we expect to find and exchange information with it on the first weekend of November, 622. Please come to our aid in our time of need and help us to make whole the lands of Chalameria.

May your travels be fair,

Lord Noah Fairburn of the Order of Serratura
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