The Burning Sigil Has Grown Bright Enough...


New Hampshire Staff
Chief Publicity and Digital Content Officer
To All and Singular That This May Present,

My name is Riddick Dale.

I am sure that you have all seen the burning sigil in the sky. This fiery constellation is not some random cosmic accident brought on by foolhardy elementals or adventurers. This sigil represents a deliberate attack on the lands of Icenia AND Caldaria. It grows brighter every day and every additional candle's-worth of light is one step closer to an attack by forces we are only just beginning to understand or know.

I am gathering a force of adventurers with me to help study this foe and end it before it can bring harm to our worlds.

We will cast visions.
We will take planar gates to investigate far flung planes.
We will train.
We will teach those who feel they are too weak to stand against an apocalyptic force.
We will stand as guardians before the innocent.
We will win.

I have set up a base of operations in Ashbury City. You can come and find me there until we are called to reclaim the Norden Watchstone. I will wait for you.

One Shield; Meaningless Without ALL Others,

Riddick Dale
The Phalanx
I am with you. As my Ęs would say
Onları burada durduracağız

- Asim