The Celestial Society


Announcing the formation of The Celestial Society
A guild independent collection of Celestial magic users dedicated to expanding knowledge. Located in one of the premiere up and coming neighborhoods of Capital City, we are looking to become the source to achieve and share knowledge.

We can currently offer Celestial ritual services, ritual components, training in Celestial magic and information to all.

As a new organization, we are looking to expand our ranks. For the next 2 market days we will be forgoing the entrance exam, and are accepting all qualified individuals who wish to become members of the Society. This is a short term offer to allow those who wish to be part of a growing organization to do so. As due paying membership grows, so will the benefits those members receive.

We are looking to employ scroll makers as well. Sell your scrolls without the hassle of the market, and receive a monthly salary.

Please direct all questions either here, or towards Gideon.

The Celestial Society
Research Knowledge Progress​


As a new user of magic I am interested in something this grand. Please talk to me this market day as I will be there.


Sal Mancuso

I would definitely be interested in getting together and collaborating with other celestial mages. What level of commitment would be required by members? I cannot make scrolls yet, but I would be happy to help teach celestial magic to those willing to learn.

- Trellis
You know you have my skills when time permits.



What level of commitment would be required by members? I cannot make scrolls yet, but I would be happy to help teach celestial magic to those willing to learn.

You do not have to know how to make scrolls to join.

Currently there three ways to join.
--Rank and file Celestialists: they are people we are hoping to recruit, teach them celestial and have them act on our behalf, they will be paid a salary. This is mainly for non-adventurers.
--Junior Members: Celestialists that do not yet know teacher and Celestial Formal. Their dues are 2 gold a month.
--Senior Members: Celestialists that know both teacher and Celestial Formal. Their dues are 1 gold a month.

Dues go towards improving our guild-house, acquiring scrolls for spellcrafting, paying the rank and file members and other expenses as they come up.

Junior Members are expected to participate in activities to help keep our suppliers happy. We enjoy a nice discount on things, in exchange for work. Also Junior members are expected to provide casting support, if able, when Senior members are unavailable.

Senior members, in addition to the responsibilities of a Junior, will be expected to be available to teach others Celestial Magic, help fulfill ritual casting/ spells/ spellcrafting requests from the adventurers and gather once a season for large castings. During a large casting, all Senior members will be expected to take enough formal link to assist with whatever casting the society needs. (The member with the most ability in formal, does not need to take formal link) This season's large casting will be the event before we meet last. For example, Senior members are responsible for making sure the Friday night Visions are executed. Currently Gideon is responsible for that, but if he is unavailable, there would be an expectation of a Senior Member to be able to full that role.

Until the end of the next gathering, all qualified members will be accepted without having to take a test. After next gathering their will be a test for all junior or senior applicants. It should not be difficult for anyone who knows celestial magic.

Current Member benefits include:
Battle magic scrolls at cost.
Friday night Visions, at cost when the material are provided.
Assistance with workshop purchases.
Connections with outside organizations the Society already has fostered.
Free access to the Societies spellcraft library.
Private research space and assistance if needed.

As we are quite new these benefits might seem trivial, but I can assure those interested in joining we are growing quickly.