The End of The Olothen War


Chicago Staff
It was years ago when we learned of the Olothen Empire’s uneasy hold over the nations of Anret. The emergence of Terna set their attention to the 4 Nations of our continent and their desire to rule these lands under their banner.

Battle after battle, year after year they faced defeat due to the resilience and strength of the Adventurers of Waysdie. With the Ettin General defeated and the land bridge connecting the Olothen Empire and Ternian Empire destroyed, that dealt a massive blow to their plans of conquest.

From sabotaging their ships, to thwarting their Generals at every turn the adventurers have been one step ahead of the Empire these last 4 years. The defeats of Generals: Mazu Mawl, Kas’lo and Frederick further cemented their incoming defeat.

This past market a true test of strength and cooperation took place. The Great Leader, the crystalline cyclops that dominated the Olothen Empire was slain by the Adventurers of Wayside and their companions from afar. For the first time in years, Wayside is without involvement in a war.

On behalf of the Kingdom of Good, we, the 4 Leaders of the Nations of Terna, give thanks to the Adventurers and their continued efforts to achieve a true and lasting peace in Prademar.

- Royal Scribe Harly Jackayn