The Fighter's Guild (The Company)


The Company is Dragonhold's Fighter's Guild. If you raise a weapon to defend the defenseless, the weak, the people of Dragonhold, and you do it in honor, then you are welcome in the Company. Current Chaptermaster is Saoirse, a sword and shield fighter.

Saoirse enters the Company Hall and posts an updated Company roster of membership: Saoirse, Petra, Axel, Torrin, Judah, James, Sir Kjeld, Rose, Brother Jackal, Shroo, Khamber, Giilu, Rose, Seigfried


*Saoirse has been busy running all over Fort Alliance and journeying back and forth to Malidor’s Outpost for the past week. When asked what she was doing, she would only smile. Now, hung outside the Town Council chambers, inside the Broken Drum Tavern, within and without the Company Hall, and cried in the streets by multiple town criers, the following:*

“In celebration of the ending of the war with the lizardfolk, Prince Malidor has declared a Grand Tournament in honour of the heroes of Dragonhold. Over the course of two days, a number of contests will be held. Festivities will commence on Friday September 27th with the following competitions:

Lore Knowledge
And a Cook Off

Saturday will bring trials by combat in the following categories:

Single combat
Battle teams of 5 verses 5*
Teams of 15 verses 15*
A Grand Melee
And an Archery competition

There will be special contests for those skilled in healing, lock picking and other roguish behaviors. Celebrations will continue Saturday evening for finalists in Singing, Heraldry and Lore Knowledge.

The Ruins will be accessible in the mornings and eves of each day of the Festival.

Prize money to be furnished by The Royal Treasury, which will also be conducting an exchange of coin, turn in 9 coppers for 1 Silver, or 9 silvers for 1 Gold.

All questions regarding the above may be directed to Saoirse.

Adventurers, warriors, bards and heroes are called and encouraged to present themselves before Prince Malidor and Lord Brightstone in combat and friendly competition. Now is a time to celebrate and to stay sharp in our skills.

*Battles teams of 5 and 15 cannot have redundant members. You may only compete with one team of 5 and one team of 15, though you can compete in every category. Teams of 5 may only have one member serving as representation in each of the following skill areas: front line fighter, range fighter, skirmisher, caster or alchemist, healer. Teams of 5 and 15 are strongly encouraged to register in advance, by the end of Monday September 23rd, providing Saoirse with a team name as well as names and team positions of each member.