The Golden Gryphon Trading Company Store is Open!


Gettysburg Staff

A reminder to all adventurers that the Golden Gryphon Trading Company Store will be open this upcoming gather. We have a fine selection of alchemy, potions, battle scrolls and weapons and armor. Looking for something to a bit more unique? We have a number of specialty items available including Razorhead Arrows/Bolts, Elosdi Infestation Cures, Life Potions, Exceptional Horse Shoes, Strengthened Padlocks and much, much more! We also have a Master Blacksmith, Master Potion maker and a Master Alchemist in house for your custom order needs. Please send me a missive with your requirements or questions and we will have your order available upon arrival.

****Special**** For each gold piece worth or merchandise you pre-order you will receive 1 free cure 5 damage/wounds (up to 10).

Yours in Service,

Keegan O'Connel
Managing Partner
Golden Gryphon Trading Company