The great companies, Marks of the Collegium and Cairn Greetings.

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In the time before the Fall, the Protectorate forces kept most dangers at bay. Even with their vast magitech and broad range of powers there were threats that still arose. Amongst the people that stepped to the forefront to aid the Protectorate were groups of highly skilled and brave individuals known as “companies”. These groups' names have mostly been forgotten but when the Collegium called for their aid to protect the citizens and prepare for the ritual they answered the call and have since been folded into the collegium. The foremost and greatest known were the following:

Name: Lights of the Silver Sword
Symbol: Downward pointed sword with two fists gripping the handle

This elite unit was formed of former Paragons who took it upon themselves to work in the best interest of the needs of the protectorate. They are assembled by people of various skills and former heroes. It is known those who had joined this order’s final duty were the protection of the refugees into Cairns and their secrecy and protection there after.

Name: The Esoteric Enclave
Symbol: a hand with a manifested ball containing colors of the elements within it.

Formed of the foremost Celestial scholars and delvers into the unknown, the Enclave strove to gather knowledge of other planes and creatures for the benefit of the Protectorate and to elevate the magical technologies available. Their strongholds were decimated by the Vreech and it is believed nothing remains of them. Any of their lore or creations even the Schema plans they had would be of great import and value. Likewise it would be horrible if they fell into the wrong hands. Once the Celestial circles they guarded were consumed by the Vreech their order dissipated even as they defended many during the ritual of The Fall. They had since become part of the Collegium.

Name: The Diamond Order
Symbol: a diamond with every color in each facet.

The Diamond Order are Earth scholars who did their best to counter threats to the world we live in. They sought to protect creatures who did no harm to others. The foremost philosophy of this order was inclusiveness. While you did not have to wield Earth magic to be a member, most of their leaders did. Those without the ability functioned as guards or instructors. When there was outbreaks of disease or uprisings in the old world, it was the Diamond order who would send divisions out to address the issue along with forces of the protectorate. The earth circles they protected were great bastions of power. Much akin to hospitals within the great cities these nodes of power were considered sacrosanct. When the Vreech attacked, their divisions backed up the ground forces. Even after losing all the earth circles to the Vreech’s hunger they still stood and did all they could during the The Fall and have since folded into the Collegium.

Name: The Sable Syndicate
Symbol: None known

The Sable Syndicate is the name used for a group of rogues and those who work outside the law. No official information has been gathered...and retained. Those who have explored these individuals become very forgetful very fast. While not working against the betterment of the people. Their methods are...different. Renowned for removing those who would even tempt to use Chaos magic they seem to have some relationship with the Sombre Lances but details are unclear. The collegium has no official ties to this group. Those asking were escorted off the premises.

Name: The Association of Means and Measures.
Symbol: Money scales with a heart on one tray and wheat on the other.

This group formed of artisans and laborers were the pumping heart and blood of the old world workforce. They were the group that implemented the good works and deeds of the other factions. The “Associates'' as they are called are often renowned artisans. It is these people who made sure food and goods were distributed during the battles to defend against the Vreech. Their knack for logistics and invention was key to allowing as many to survive before, during and after the fall as they did. Along with the carriages and supplies provided by the Selunari it was the “Associates” who made sure the Cairns were supplied and that people could be gotten there safely after The Fall. This Company has merged with the Collegium.

The Collegium Mark:

With the need to train common people to take up arms and wield powers that were before unknown, the Collegium began to train what are now commonly called adventurers. These special schools formed troubleshooting teams to help the students become the best they could be. The training was mental as well as physical. Only those deemed most trustworthy and who excelled were deemed worthy to wear the mark of the Collegium. It is a symbol to others that the person is not to be messed with and is someone in whom they can trust. These marks are given as gifts and are most often marked on leather bindings of spell books or within a bracer worn on the warriors left hand. This is the hand used to greet others by bringing from just below your throat to the bottom of your sternum while bowing slightly. This action makes the symbol very clear. The symbol, that of a halo of crystals around an open book with a long sword along the book divide is seen as something unique with only a few going out every generation. It is considered in poor taste for anyone to copy or try and make the mark themselves and liars are often exposed as the collegium keeps records of those the people can trust.

Greeting: The greeting of the Protectorate and now within the Cairn, one takes their left hand and brings the fingertips from just below your throat to the bottom of your sternum while bowing slightly. The right hand of the person is at their side and turns their palm towards the person they are greeting to show they hold no aura or weapons. This greeting symbolizes laying themself open before the person to show that they are their true selves and offer no hostility. Less formal versions just involve the slight bow and gesture with the left hand.

(( The bracers and books are available exclusively through custom order via Alliance Ascension. Bracer 80.00, Bracer pair one marked one unmarked 120.00, Book 80.00. Please donate to the link here and in the comments let us know what you are paying for and we will reach out for measurements and to get shipping info. Artist and crafter is Alex Steslow.


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