The house near the forest

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A weary figure is seen emerging from the fae forest surrounding The Lux. As he steps out from the last of the foliage he turns his head to speak to someone unseen within the tree's.

"Thank you for hospitality, that was seriously above and beyond. I'll be back for another walk soon, you know I treasure our time together."

The figure is dressed in all black, a traveling clock pulled tight under his chin and a fur hood pulled up over his head. His clothes are mud soaked from months of travel, and his eyes are tired. Turning from the forest and looking on The Lux, the figure pauses for a moment, just to take it all in. A low sigh escapes his lips as he realizes that his travels are finished, for now. His body relaxes and his travel bag drops slightly, his legs still unmoving. After a few uninterrupted moments of watching the city exist without him, the figure sighs again.

"Time to get back to work" He says, while lowering his hood, freeing his purple horns and letting his feathered earring blow in the slight breeze.

The sylvanborn chuckles as he spots his small home, smoke slowly rising from the chimney. "Gotta check on the kids I guess... Leave them alone for a few months and they are already at each others throats..."

He adjusts his travel bag and makes his way forward, a smile spreading on his face. It had been six months since he laid eyes on the simple stone building, but seeing it filled him with such emotion he could feel his legs picking up speed.


Calan exits the stone house to see the figure heading towards the house. He removes hes top hat with a smug smirk running his fingers over the beads on the braid that encircle it.

“someone come help, there is stranger prowling about outside the house.”

Calan walked out to meet his friend. While it hadn't been that long since they last saw one another it felt like centuries had passed. He could see his friend was changed somehow.
Jinn's eyes widened as he spotted Calan stepping down from the veranda to greet him. Had it only been six months since they had last seen each other? A single tear fell and a wave of emotion flowed over him, as he pulled the fellow sylvanborn into a tight embrace.

"how have you been brother?"


Calan reciprocated the tight embrace. He placed his hat back upon his head, the brim resting on the tips of his horns.

”that, is a complicated question. I am getting better by the moment now. I got a little turned around for a bit and it gave me some perspective. Tell me, how have you been? Did I see someone else there a moment ago or Had my last drink not worn completely off?”
Jinn smiles slyly "Oh that's just an old friend." He kept his arms clasped on Calan's shoulders, looking him in the eye.

"Tell me everything, what has happened since I've been away? How is Rohnan doing? Is Evo keeping it together? Have they mad their move yet? I need to know it all!" Excitement burst through every word he said.


“To be honest I haven’t seen Evo since I returned myself so I couldn’t speak as to his state of mind. Rohnan has been,”he gave it some thought looking for the right word. “ elusive? They have been burying themselves in study, I suspect I know what they are studying but I’m not certain. I can say if I’m correct I think you would approve.”

Calan chuckled .

“phal is about somewhere,oh, you might see another sylvanborn about wearing my old armour. His name is Vanion a refugee that fallowed me back from the shard I was stuckin. He’s a good spirit but keeps to himself, that shard was very different than here I’m not sure how long it will take for him to feel safe, or comfortable with everyone. I’ve been planning to build a small tent for him to stay in near the house over I. That small clearing, but he seems to prefer to sleep by the communal fire.”
Jinn instinctively pulls back at the amount of information being throw at him all at once, but he makes sure to take it all in.

"Rohnan's reading to much, check on Evo, Find Phal, Don't kill Vanion... I think I got it!" He says smiling.


calans eyes widen, excitement enters his voice as he reaches for Jinns wrist. "this, is amazing." he both pulls the arm closer while bending down slightly for a closer look.
" I love it, I have had something like that in mind for myself. Im placing it somewhere completely different. but alas I haven't been able to find Solvieg to see if she would do it for me and the last time I was in calanhelm the places you would seek out to have that done are all closed for some weird reason." Calan let go of Jinns wrist and stood back up straight.

"There is some detail in it that I'm not familiar with. there a story there?"
Jinn smiles. "There is a story in this, and it will be told at another time. A lot has happened in the time I've been away... " Jinn's expression darkens slightly. "I've seen things that could have come to pass"

After a moment he brightens back up and his smile get even larger. "Yes, there would be parts you don't recognize. I've been knighted!" He says with excitement. "Not that it will get recognized here, but Peat has accepted me as one of her knights, with the rank of honeysuckle... which to a dryad is very important!" Jinn beams with excitement "It was a hard three days, but I passed the tests.".
Jinn embraces Cato in a hug.

"Of course I have behaved, would you expect anything less from me? You've know me for at least three years" Jinn laughs loudly
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Calan lets out a burst of laughter. "Cato, that all depends on what you consider behaved. I have stayed put the past while though if that helps. how have you been?" he asked his housemate.

Chris Rudd

Well behaving is a relative term..... It's good to be back even though it will be breif as I need to return to the city again.

Calan I've been well. I was studying for a while about the ritualist path but I think I'm going to take a different approach to my magic.


Ruki stepped out of his room and the cabin, ready to start another day of research at the Sanctum. He heard some chatter outside, which wasn't unusual, his housemates were a social bunch. As the human stepped outside, he saw Jinn for the first time in what felt like forever and it was as if a heavy weight was removed from his shoulders.

"Oh good, you're still alive!" Ruki smiled, nodding at Jinn. "There's too much to do around here for only one Warmage to handle. Lots of paperwork. So it'd be nice if you started helping out a bit, you know?"
She heard the human get up and leave their shared room as she pulled the blanket over her head and tried to get more sleep. Whatever was going on outside could wait.
Jinn smiles as Cato mentions his magic.

"A different direction eh, so the student has become the master I see. I hope your return to the city bodes well for whatever your planning with your magic."

Looking over Calan's shoulder Jinn watched Ruki sleepily walk out of the cabin and realize who he was looking at. He steps up and gives his old friend a big hug.

"Of course I'm alive... strange response. Granted my trip did take longer than expected, but after returning from New Acarthia I had some things I had to do. As for your paperwork problem, that's more Marshal Arlyn's duty. I've never been big on paperwork myself, and Magi Evo has a particular way he likes things done."

Jinn steps back down from the veranda and looks across the courtyard at the other buildings.

"So what did I miss around these parts? Seems quieter than usual around here."


”i mean you missed your own death. Sending the banners back the way you did left some *cough* rohnan to believe you had met your final death.”

Calan smirked

”it was a beautiful service, we had all agreed to erect a statue in your honor to commemorate your service; I guess we will have to cancel that commission.”
The sound of voices outside didn’t seem like they were going anywhere soon and she groaned as she realized that this was all the sleep she was going to get. She climbed out of bed and got ready enough to head to the tavern for breakfast.

Opening the door she looked out to see what seemed to be half the lux on the veranda congregating around a very brightly coloured Sylvanborn. She paused in the door way for a moment joy was quickly schooled to agitation that was then replaced to a pleasant smile. “Oh Cato, it’s nice to see you back in the Lux. How did your request go?”
Jinn's expression shows confusion as Calan explains what happened.

"The way I did? I gave them to Balthazar to send back to Calandonia for me, they needed to be here, this is their home. I had some business to take care of that came at me very quickly in New Acarthia, and I know I wouldn't be returning to The Lux any time soon."

He turns to look at the banners hanging on the front of the house.

"I see they made it back ok, I knew I could trust Balthazar." He pauses for a moment "Wait... if you thought I had met my final death then why didn't you use the spirit recall ritual I have stored in the house? That ritual is part of the service one would hold..."

Jinn raises an eyebrow and smirks.

"I'm sure it was beautiful and I'll be sure to check in with the hammer outfitter to see if it's possible to stop your... commission."

Jinn pat'sCalan on the shoulder. "You know I can't die." He says with a wink.

The door to the small home opens and Jinn watches Rohnan step out and survey the scene. He eyes her carefully, watching her reaction change slightly in the moment. Chuckling quietly he leans over and whispers to Calan. "I imagine I'm in trouble. Didn't anyone get the message I sent through he sanctum?"
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