The Houses of the Ceriopolis


Seattle Staff

For those of you who are not aware, each of the Houses now has a Dominus in place, except perhaps Fate and Fury. This is excellent news. However, as the Houses are a keystone in the mystic forces of this place, it is important that each one is adequately represented, so as to ensure their stability and strength.

Many of you have reservations about joining a House. Some of you may know little of them at all. I ask you, consult with them. It could be catastrophic if a House were to fall into disrepair so early. We mortals have the ability to shape this land through the Houses, and possibly even the Houses themselves. The possibilities appear limited only by our will and effort.

We Dominei value this community, and we wish to make a better place for all of us. Help us, so that we can help each other. Let us all become stronger.

Dominus of House Pain and Purity


I invite any with curiosity about Tsunami and Dream to speak with me. Aside from Odie. Odie should talk to March instead. He knows why.

Kasuni, Dominus of Tsunami and Dream


Oregon Staff
You are correct that Fate and Fury does not yet have a Dominus.
The House list has very recently been updated in the Library.
it is important to note, that while membership to houses (or not) can be fluid, remaining unaffiliated is ok too. I am always on the look out for those who prefer to remain neutral as candidates to be deputized.