The Importance of Early Registration

We want to remind everyone about the importance of Early Registration. After running the game for a number of years we’ve seen what happens when Event attendance changes at the last minute, especially when the Average Player Level suddenly jumps. Having a fairly accurate count of, not just how many people will attend an Event, but what Characters they intend to play makes the final week(s) of planning substantially easier. It ensures that the Plot Team can adjust the scale of an Event to provide a good challenge to the Players, it allows them to prepare additional content to keep everyone engaged, and it ensures that one or two Characters are not going to overwhelm encounters, to the detriment of other Player’s fun. We think it is so important, that we provide you with a discount on the Event fee for getting it done.

For the coming year Early Registration is even more important as the Shattered Realms Plot Teams have not had the opportunity to run Events under the 2.0 Rules, so additional preparation time is more important to them. 2.0 requires a fair amount of monster and encounter design to be successful. Rather than having Plot struggling to adjust their encounters on the fly for a sudden change in APL, help us set everyone up for successful enjoyable Events.

If you are planning on attending an Event this year, help out your fellow Players and take the five minutes needed to complete the Early Registration form. You'll have your Skills and Magic Items set on your battle board, have the chance spend Goblin Stamps before the event, and help us run a better game.

Alliance SoMI Owners and Staff