The Iron Cassk (September)


Chicago Staff
The official grand opening of the Iron Cassk took place in Tilmere this last week. Yet, while I can't bring the entire brewery with, the mobile Iron Cassk is once again coming to market. Similar style to last market, with small and large bottles of specialty drinks available.

Below made to order:
Lord Palmer (Lemonade + Iced Tea)
Lady Temple (Ginger Ale + Grenadine)
Lt. Rootbeer (sugar free)

Limited Edition specialty brews in bottles:
Tilmere Mule (Ginger Beer, Lime Juice, Club Soda)
Butter Beer (caramel and butter extract + cream soda)
Malvern Wine (Grape Juice + Sparkling Water + other flavors)

I will make Firebolt or Dragonsbreath Whiskey upon request if given 48 hours before the event. If you have anything else you may wish to see at the Iron Cassk, let me know.

- Squire Cassandra Malvern
Owner of the Iron Cassk