The Isle of Nex, the future of trade


Chicago Staff

The plan I have is an ambitious one, but could prove to be beneficial to Prademar as a whole. Thousands of years ago The Isle of Nex was a trade hub for the entire world. Goods, people and cultures from all of Prademar gathered to do commerce. Then one day, it was no more. Now, Nex is barren. Until recently there was no intelligent life on the island, except for the crystalized essences of the the once great civilization. A year ago, I learned from such a spirit of this place and their rise and fall:

In the crux between the continents of Terna and Anret, Nex was once
one of the largest and most important trade ports in the united world.
A place where every race gathered it was exposed to a wide risk of
cultures and beliefs. The towers of wisdom there did not place an
importance on race, and a humid island was no place to preserve books.
Instead, they wanted to preserve unique abilities and the people that
embodied them.

They decided to act on their desire to preserve one person embodying
the epitome of a unique characteristic forever. Preserved in a
spiritual form inside a crystal at the nexus of the ruins, these
specimens retain the power to control the magically automated systems
of the ruins. After several centuries, the natives of the island have
evolved, moved away, or died off leaving the constructs of their
forebears to disrepair. The crystallized essences at the nexus of the
ruins have fallen into hibernation.

Wisdom, Knowledge and history, all stored within these gems. The ruins were full of them, but each day less and less remain due to a new resident, the Stone Melders. These creatures are hulking mass of stone and horns. However they are intelligent, but speak using a deep honk. Imagine the sound a large duck or sky karp makes, but lower and louder in tone. They are eating these crystals, but we think we can offer them an alternative. So that is but one task needed.

Once we get these creatures to an accord, we can use the device deep within to allow our bodies to temporarily take the memories/personalities of these crystals to learn for ourselves. What knowledge could they know? For this, I'm excited.

So what are the NEX steps?

1) Negotiation with Stone Melders. Iggy/Dramthin/Corbel/Vanya/Garwon/Roff I believe we acquired a Universal Speech scroll. I would like someone to begin the talks, gather crystals from around Prademar and see if they will relocate to a better feeding ground. The current front runner are the Crystal Caves in The Spine, where the Dark Dwarves were before their return to the Northlunds.

2) Research with the spirit gems. Use the device and crystals and gain knowledge of the isle. Perhaps a perfect opportunity for the Prademar University or one of the guilds.

3) Help develop the port of Nex. I have begun construction on what is to be a large port. Here, I plan to bring the nations of Prademar together in trade. Olothen, Dayspear, Sapphire Kingdom, Wayside, Northlunds, ELC, and Ternian Empire. One port, a true center of our world. However we need builders, masons and traders.

If interested in being a part of this experience, let me know, I have a good deal of my ships going back and forth from Arbor.


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Chicago Staff
Captain Binks,

The University is ready and willing to invest considerable resources into all aspects of this venture and is well-posed to assist.

The question of the Horned Gemeater's sapience is an important first consideration. If they are truly self-aware, culturally organized, and Spirited, the University will assist in negotiation, protection, and voluntary repatriation if necessary. Respect for sapience is a driving credo of the University and many of its personnel hold that as their life's primary work. We have several Universal Speech dragonscripts at our disposal and will acquire more if need be to facilitate these talks.

We are eager and able to take the lead on researching the Spirit Crystals. Professors in the Scriptorium are already discussing how to access and record the matrices as well as, perhaps, recovering those which have been damaged or lost. Funds have been obligated to construct a recovery chamber, with all the necessary dragonscripts set aside for proper containment.

Finally, the Bunchberry Trade School will be fully realized by the New Year and already has a full slate of masters and apprentices representing all the major urban engineering arts. The School can offer competitive access to skilled master tradesfolk of every stripe, as well as apprentices and journeyfolk eager to prove their mettle and investigate the latest in construction technologies.

I will seek you out in the near future to negotiate these opportunities. In the meantime, the University welcomes any who would like to engage this effort or continue their own investigations on campus.

Dramthin Hartsboon
Prademar University
Keeper of the Tainted Grove