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Shatrevar was cautious as he walked through the markets of Calenhelm looking nowhere in particular, but being aware of anyone observing him. Looking about he spied what he had been looking for, a small out of the way shop dealing in pens, inks and papers. Blanking his eyes and dimming the fires that burned there, he stepped into the shop looking like nothing more than another dumb ogre in the wrong place.

The shopkeeper looking up at the tinkling of the door chime, frowns and says "Your in the wrong place, the tavern is at the end of the street" pointing further along the road of old buildings. Shatrevar steps in further and closes the door; the shopkeeper begins to look concerned and stammers out "I've paid my coin this month, there's no reason to get rough with me". Shaking his head Shatrevar, mumbles "me no understand you, me boss wants paper, pens and inks for his picture words" Stepping forward he sets a small pile of coins on the counter and steps back.

Realizing that hes not about to be roughed up for this months protection money, the shopkeeper quickly gathers a few rough sheets of paper, second hand pens and a bottle of thinned ink. As he places them on the counter and reaches for the coins, his wrist is gripped in an iron hold by a large yellow hand. With a growl Shatrevar rumbles "My boss show me what this coin buy, I not come back with that I get beaten..... guess who I come see and beat then....." the threat hangs in the suddenly cold air. Looking upwards the shopkeeper sees the red-rimmed eyes of an enraged ogre staring at him. He quickly realizes his greedy mistake; the eyes which a moment before seemed dull are now infused with an angry intelligence.

Shaking and stuttering his apologies, the shopkeeper quickly gathers 20 sheets of good parchment, 2 well-made steel tipped pens and a bottle of jet black ink in a glass stoppered bottle sealed with wax. The items bought and paid for, wrapped now in the previously offered rough paper, slip within Shatrevar's heavy coat to be concealed till he reached his small boarding room.

As the ogre steps outside, he can just be heard to mutter "Now to contact that Arcane Sanctum Astrologer / Astronomer and get all the details of her lost item and the thieving Baroness Olstrom. Then Malithon, Yetta and I can get to the business of inquiring about the damned lens and recovering it for them".
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