The Luckless Dragon Tavern Offerings


The Luckless Dragon
We only let you down that one time!

The Luckless Dragon is dedicated to Adventurers;
as such we offer hearty meals at low prices.
Eat, Drink and Defeat your enemies!

Baked Suarian Egg Casserole
Otik’s Spiced Potatoes
Toasted Evendarr Muffins

Ground Meat Sandwiches
Chicken Breast Sandwiches
Milled Bean Sandwiches
Shredded Potato Gallets

Stewed Mutton
Voltian Peanut Soup
Fresh Bread

Meals are all you can eat for two silver pieces.

It is recommended that you tip your server.​


À la carte offerings

For the Body
All items are priced per bowl, available at anytime

Link’s trailblazer mix
2 silver

Potato Crisps
2 silver

2 silver

For the Spirit
All items are priced per cup or bottle

Fresh Water

Root Mix, Brown, Morning Dew & White Ales
1 silver

Various Juices
1 silver

Glenn’s Crimson Bison Rejuvenating Elixir
30 silver

Caladore Reserve Red Wine, 10 year
A bottle crafted to the flavors and attitudes of Caladore, always our home.
50 silver

Corvosian Sparking White, 13 year
A sparkling White Wine that hearkens flavors from the gem of the Kingdom of Élan, Corvos
50 silver

Order of the Emerald Flame Special Cask, 20 year
Time foolery allowed this bottle to be rapid aged, in memoriam of friends lost.
Honestly, this is the best result of messing with time.
100 silver, limited quantity

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House Speciality Cocktails
All items are priced per cocktail.

Glenn sees red
Glen always liked things with just a bit more “red” everywhere.
Glenn’s Crimson Bison, Grenadine
30 Silver

Zander’s Timemosa
Time Lords don’t follow typical brunch rules. This is served all day
Orange Juice, Corvosian Sparkling White
30 Silver

Horatio’s Good Time
Cranberry Juice, Fresh Cranberries, Mint Syrup, Sprigs of mint on ice
40 Silver

Mia’s Dew Drop
Mia always had an excitement about her. She was lovable and upbeat.
This sugary cocktail will make you feel the same way
Corvosian White Wine, Lemonade, Lemon Juice, Powdered Sugar rim

30 silver

The Dramis
Quicklings don’t have time for specific mixtures. Just throw everything together.
A mixture of everything on hand, no two are the same.
50 Silver

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Luckless Dragon Rules

No Fighting in the tavern. All parties will be asked to take it outside.

The Luckless Dragon is an upscale establishment, as such we have specific requirements in regarding drinkware. All cups must meet a certain visual requirement or you will be forced to purchase one from us at the price of 2 silver.

The Luckless Dragon is not self service. Please see the waitstaff for anything you need.

We strive to maintain a clean establishment. Service staff will keep everything clean but, if things get busy please ensure your garbage is properly disposed of.

If you cannot afford a meal, just ask. Taverns require a lot of work to keep running. There is another way for you to pay for your meal.

If you have an outside beverage please give it to a server to keep cold. We don’t have a corking fee but, we do insist that drinks are stored properly.​


With a tavern such as this, how does anyone get anything done? I fear the only time I will leave is when I've run out of coin. Need any bouncers?

Oh, and does my money go straight into Casan's, I mean the Emerald Flame's coffers?

Ashnar Runebeard
Ordo Tempestus


There's plenty to do in the area it seems. You shouldn't have to worry about running out of coin.

The tavern needs a lot of upgrades so the coin will go to that.

People keep saying it's haunted. I think it's just the roof needing repairs.

Order of the Emerald Flame
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Huanted huh... You guys need a rat. Ghosts hate rats. We are natural born ghost slayers and such. I think it's high time I was promoted from body guard to ghost watchmen.
What do you think boss, I will still keep the floor clean!