The Lux Sanctum

Rohnan enters and looks around. The last time she was here the night before, the conversation was most definitely heated. She shakes of the secondary feelings and heads Evo’s office. She had something she needed to ask about.
Elly is moments behind Rohnan, panting slightly and waving a scrap of paper. "Rohnan! I'd hoped I'd run into you. I wanted to give you this." She holds out the paper to her. "Lady Brighthammer was quite helpful last night, she mentioned these items are things you might need for repairing the memory sphere. I took a few notes, I hope you don't mind."

She glances ahead of Rohnan, where Evo's office lay. "I get the feeling the magus is going to have a very busy day." She hesitates. "... You haven't seen Calan or Jinn, have you?"
“Oh Hello Elly. No I haven’t seen eith of them since last night but I imagine that they aren’t too far from our home if they aren’t there or the tavern. There is a small clearing where Calan likes to go some times.”

Rohnan took the note and looked it over. She got a sudden memory of drinking electrically charged wine. “Hmmm. I’ll need to consult Evo on this but I think I know what I need to do. Thanks for bringing it to me Elly, I really appreciate it.”
Evo enters quietly, steaming mug in hand, and stops short when he notices the pair. "Ah." He starts toward his desk, thinks better of it, and settles into a padded chair with his coffee. The magus getures to the empty seats near him. He takes a moment to enjoy a sip, then sets his mug on a side table.

"When things happen too rapidly, we lose clarity. Now that it appears we have a moment, let's take stock."

He looks back and fort between Elly and Rohnan, waiting to see who will speak first.
Jinn enters the sanctum and pauses to speak briefly to the attendant at the front desk, who points down the hall and nods. Jinn thanks her with a smile and heads down the hall to Evo's office. As he enters he see's the three in mid conversion, and slowly enters the room, sticking to the back.


Calan enters behind Jinn and remains quiet. While he does wish to speak to Evo there are far too many people about and he worries they all may jump in with their own thoughts on the matter.
Rohnan looked at the parade of people who walked in and turned to Elly, “Well, I found Jinn and Calan”. she smirked.

Turning to Evo she said, “there are some things that I do need to discuss, some things more privet than others but I can wait if anyone has something more pressing first.” She said looking to the others snd taking in the serious look Calan had.
"Oh, you're back," she says to Calan. The smile is there, but there's a distance that wasn't there before. "Calan, I'd hoped to get your help looking into an old dwarven family called the Brightborns; Xorta says they're part of Brighton history and disappeared after the great war. But I suppose I can just fill all of you in, since you're here," she motions to Evo and Jinn.

She speaks hurriedly under all the gazes at once. "As you can imagine, Xorta was... not easy to talk to. But I gathered that the sword I found, by perhaps siphoning some of its enchantments, it may have unraveled its elemental fabric, as it were. I'd like to speak with Master Kalios, as he's a conjuration expert, and may know how to perhaps fold the elemental powers back into the sword. Xorta also mentioned no obvious trace of time elementals but did say the Brightborns, of which Alina was unaccounted for in ancient days, disappeared shortly after the war rather mysteriously. That's what I'd hoped to put you on, Calan."

She looks as if she means to say something else, then thinks better of it. "There's another matter, Magus, but it's..." She stares fixedly at a spot on the floor, the colour rising in her cheeks. "... you know, it might be best written in a letter."


Calan looks about. As elly speaks a look of great annoyance crosses his face. “Evo, may I be frank with you?”


Kai enters the Arcane sanctum, and shuffles towards Evo's office. She looks like hell. Her clothing and fur is plastered with mud in patches all over. There are leaves and twigs caught in her tangled hair. Her expression is vacant and unfocused, as if looking at something far in the distance.

She moves past the waiting group. She is carrying a tray, her usual tray, laden with fruit and cheese. While her personal appearance is totally unkempt, the plateing of the various snack bits is as precise as ever. She sets the tray on the edge of Evo's desk, in the one corner that's always kept clear. Wordless, she turns around, shuffling back down the hallway, and out the door.
Evo watches the crew's discomfort with a wary eye, and watches Kai come through with a mixture of tiredness and relief.

"Very well, let's dispense with the crowd entirely. I'll speak with each of you privately, now."

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Jinn snores loudly and jerks awake as the three leave Evo's office. He runs his eyes and goes to say something but all three of them seek to be in a hurry.

"Hmm... must have been some motivating talks." He says out loud. Jimmy stands to his feet, stretching out his back and cracking his knuckles. "Looks like it's my turn."

Jinn walks into Evo's office and closes the door.

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The door to Evo's office swings open and Jinn steps through, closing it gently. Woh a smile on his face he makes his way past the front desk, winking at the attendant as he steps out of the sanctum and into the sun shining down onto the common area of the lux.

"Bow to find Elinor." He says outloud to himself.