The National PR Team Needs Your Photos!


Public Relations Committee

Allow me to reintroduce myself: My name is Stephen Duetzmann and I am the head of the National PR/Marketing committee. I've been on national staff for a decade or so, but have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work in customer service. The owners decided it was time to throw me back out there. I love meeting new people and chatting about Alliance so feel free to grab my on social media or PM me here!

The Alliance PR and Marketing team is looking to gather photos to use for our social media accounts! We're building a publishing schedule for both Facebook and Instagram and would love to include photos taken by our players! And we'd like to compensate you for those pictures with Dragon Stamps! Specifically, we'll be giving you 3 Dragon Stamps per accepted photo with a cap (for now) of 18. The idea being that we want to encourage people to send in their 6 best shots!

The boring stuff is as follows:

1. All photos should be sent to We'll respond to that email and let you know how many of the photos were accepted.
2. All photos submitted can and will be used for promotional reasons on the Alliance IG account and the Alliance FB account. By submitting these images you are giving us permission to use the images on social media.
3. If you would like us to include your name or tag you in social media, please indicate that information in your email so we can capture it.
4. If you are submitting pictures taken by someone else, please include their information so that we can give them credit.

If you have any questions please reach out!

Thank you,
Stephen Duetzmann
Chair Alliance PR and Marketing

Note: edited to include #4 regarding photographer credit.
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Adult game only or are kid’s event pics allowed? :)


San Francisco Staff
Given that these are to be used for PR, I assume you need permission and credit info for both the photographer and the subjects?


just sent 6. have a bunch more, if you want I can make a google drive folder with them, and send you the link so you can pick what you want.


Public Relations Committee
A G-Drive folder would be great.

Thank You,
Public Relations Committee