The Oni


I would recommend talking about Oni in a separate dreaming, as they are quite complicated in and of themselves. In short, chaotic oni are mindless, monstrous creatures, and lawful oni can only briefly be described as worse in dealings than fae and should be avoided at all costs.
The Oni seem to be a large factor in Stonerest. If anyone has more information on specific Oni in the area, had dealings with them, or just more general Oni knowledge, I would appreciate it.

Are Mephits and Quasits also Oni or just planar creatures?



South Michigan Staff
I have little information about the Oni except the following:
  • Do not strike deals with them. Any deal, no matter how small, gives them power.
  • If they are killed once, they return to the "Wall" and cannot return easily.
  • I believe that Mephits and Quasits are Oni, perhaps ones that are aligned or connected to the Foundation Elemental Planes.
Travel safely,
I cannot stress enough the importance of NOT MAKING A DEAL WITH ONI.

Oni are very powerful deal makers, but they can and will do everything they can to make you lose out of the deal, and unlike Fae will lie as much as they need to to get what they want.

If you are approached by an Oni, for your own sake please don't make any kind of agreement with them.



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